You Only Need One

Photo by Patricia Lyons


In praying through major life decisions, one of my favorite prayers is a verse that my Aunt/Cousin Barbara gave me years ago based off of Isaiah 22:22:

“That God would open doors that no man can open and close doors that no one can close.”

When praying through life, this is a powerful prayer to carry you through the daily decisions that come up be it jobs, relationships, school, family planning…

The thing about this, is typically, you only need one door to open, meaning that a majority of the time, you’ll see more closed doors than open ones.

Soon after B and I were engaged, I remember sitting in church with my grandparents thanking God for the gift of my new fiance and praying through the details of wedding planning.  I’m a big believer that you can talk and pray to God about anything and in the midst of my prayers, I remember praying, “And God, I pray that you will help me find the perfect wedding dress, because I just don’t like any of the styles right now…”

I kid you not, at that moment, God whispered to my heart, “Elizabeth, just like you only need one husband, you only need one dress, and I’ve already taken care of it…”

Fast forward six weeks later, after pillaging through every wedding dress store in DC with my mom and pouring over bridal magazines, only to come up empty handed, we landed at a little boutique in Virginia Beach called Pure English.  Over the phone, I explained what I was looking for and when I arrived, they pulled some dresses off the racks that we began looking through.

As I started to get ready to try some on, the owner came in and said, “Here’s one from London that was accidentally shipped to us.  We don’t carry this model, so we’re planning to ship it back, but it’s your size, so if you like it, you can take it home with you today.  You are the first who’s seeing it and since we don’t sell it, you’d be the only one around here who has it.”  (Did I mention she was a GREAT saleswoman?!)

The dress was perfect.  Simple and classic–just what I wanted.

I got so excited, because even in the dressing room, I felt like God held true to his promise–“you only need one dress and I’ve already taken care of it.”  I’m sure I freaked out the sales girl when I said, “Oh, I think that God shipped this to you just for me!  This is my dress!”

To make the story even better, since there was no ordering, no shipping, etc., we were able to get a GREAT deal.  In their eyes it was an easy sell and in our eyes, we can’t say no to a good bargain!

Yes, I know it’s just a wedding dress, but this little story taught me two things about God and life:

1.  God is God over every detail of our lives, and believe it or not, He loves us so much that He goes out of His way to take care of the big and small things–big things like husbands and small things like wedding dresses.

2.  With the exception of handbags and shoes, most of the time in life, you only need one–one job, one house, one husband, one school, one wedding dress–when you’re int he midst of transition, don’t let the closed doors discourage you.  You only need one door to open, and if you cling to God and trust His plan for your life, eventually it will!