You Have Answered Me.

Image by Elise Theuer

First of all, I must wish my sweet little sister Cally a happy, happy birthday!  Having three sisters is in and of itself a gift, but three sisters who double as best friends is simply delightful.

Cally, thank you for always answering the phone when I’m pounding the pavement in my little wagon on 64 at all hours of the day.  Thank you for quickly emailing me the typos and grammatical errors on the blog, but always prefacing it with “great post today…”.  Thank you for changing the way I buy cosmetics forever and for always bringing me little samples when we see each other.  Thank you for having the same size shoes as me and sharing your fabulous New York wardrobe with your “Talbots Mom Jeans” older sister.  But most importantly, thank you for being a constant encourager in my life and inspiring me daily with the way you love God and serve others SO dearly.  This list could go on and on…basically, I love you dearly and I’m SO grateful for your birth! 

Not sure how to transition into a post on Easter, but here we go…

In keeping with the challenge I wrote about on Monday, to read Psalms 18-26 this week before Easter, today I landed on Psalm 22

I can’t say I’ve spent much time on Psalm 22, but it basically parallels the sufferings of Jesus.  I would strongly recommend reading it, because it’s different reading as if it’s in the first person, versus the accounts from the New Testament.  What I was struck by is thisJesus suffered.  Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious, but reading it in a way where Jesus is pouring His heart out to God somehow made it come alive to meto hear Jesus talking about feeling forsaken, being surrounded by wicked, being pierced in the hands and feet, and watching them gamble away His clothes, seemed so real to me.

None of us have suffered more than Jesus, and through His suffering, we can take heart that He understands our own sufferingsthe pain, the betrayals, the attacksHe’s been there.

My favorite part was this…after detailing His sufferings and crying out to God it says, “You have answered Me.”  

The notes in my Bible (can’t get through a chapter without them) say that for Jesus, the resurrection was the answer to His prayer, and to all of our prayers.  God. Answered. Him.

And just like God saw the sufferings of Jesus and heard the cries of His Son, He sees and hears us as well.  And we can be confident that not only does He hear us, He will answer us.

Psalm 23 was the other Psalm I read this morning…and there’s a reason it’s so loved and quoted…it’s amazing!  Click here and here for more on Psalm 23.