Write it Out


I thought I was done with the graduation posts, but I do have just ONE more!  What you see above you is a leather bound journal, but it’s not just any old journal, it’s like my own Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

A few months after college one of my friends decided that we needed a journal to pass back and forth.  So for nearly six years now, this journal has bounced around the country.  Contained within theses pages have been four engagements, five weddings, and four babies.  In it, we have chronicled some of our greatest post-college joys as well as our most devastating post-college heartaches.  We have also included some of the most random college memories as well as bizarre and unexplainable college crushes (we pretty much liked them all!)

Whether you’ve been out of college two weeks, two years, or twenty years, I can’t recommend grabbing a journal around and passing it between some of of your closest friends.  Today, there are so many instant forms of communication that make connecting so quick and easy, but just like my love of the hand written note, there’s something so special about holding something in your hands that’s been on the coffee tables and nightstands of some of your best friends in the world.

The journal also makes an appearance at every mini-college reunion we have where we read it together, laugh about some of the most random parts, and talk about how we can’t believe how much time has passed since we roamed the grounds of UVA.  I mean, are we really nearing 30?!

It’s also fun to look back and see where and how God has been moving in each one of our lives.  No, each post isn’t super spiritual, but if you read through it, the thread of God’s goodness, provision, and faithfulness are woven through each and every page.  

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to stay connected, I would encourage you find something in addition to Face Time, Google +, or group texting.  Grab a journal and start passing!

I will not diebut live,
    and will proclaimwhat the Lord has done.
Psalm 118:17