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There have been so many great “Easter-themed” posts flying around, that I thought I’d share a few to help us all prepare our hearts to reflect upon and celebrate the miracle of Easter.

Sara Hagerty’s post “How to Get Out of a Rut (A Holy Week Post That Reaches Beyond Holy Week)” is PERFECT for those of you who, like me, have identified recently with feeling dry, stuck, or weary.

“When I get stuck in a rut, I tell myself the same thing I tell the girl who comes down the stairs with the blue cable knit sweater she’s already worn 5 out of the last 7 days and the jeans she’d wear to bed if I let her and her purple headband that’s left a permanent crease on her hair — wearing it all like it’s a uniform: diversify your wardrobe. I need lots of diverse attempts to expose myself to Him, the One who has a multitude of angles to be explored.

What better time than Holy Week to introduce a new habit and expect to see a new side of Him as a result?”

Read her full post, complete with tangible ideas for getting out of the rut, here.


It seems like EVERYWHERE you look right now, there is tragedy, heartbreak and devastation.  I so appreciated Ann Voskamp’s post “When You’re Struggling And Holy Week Is Just Hard” for those of us who, “don’t give a flippant shrug about mocking chocolate bunnies and strangling pastel silk ties,” and “could care less about floral centerpieces when you’re breaking into pieces behind closed doors.”  This post is for you.

“He has touched our tears. He has cupped our broken hearts with His scars. He has whispered to the howl, “I know, I know. And I’ve come to begin the making of all things new.” We believe. Because we know. He knows our grief. We know His goodness. And the truth is – we don’t need an explanation from God like we need an experience of God.

And that is exactly what we get.

We get that experience of God when He stretches open His arms on that Cross and cries,

“For you. For all your regrets and for all your impossibles,
for all that will never be and for all that once was,
for all that you can’t make right and for all that you got wrong,
for your Judas failures and your Peter denials and your Lazarus griefs,
I offer to take the nails, the sharp edge of everything, and offer you myself because Iwant you, to take you,
you in your wild grief,
you in your anger and your disappointment and your wounds and your not-yet-there,
you, just as you are, not some improved version of you, but you – I came for you, to hold you, to carry you, to save you.”

Read the full post here.


Need a little worship jolt?

Listen to the Hillsong song below:

“Even when I fail You,
I know You love me….
…You tore the veil
You made a way
When You said that it is done…”


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