Warmest Regards

Weehah! Cardsone of my favorites!

Over the weekend, I received an incredible gift: a friend saw a greeting card that spoke clearly and encouragingly into my current season, but she didn’t just tell me about it, she bought it, she wrote truth within it, and then she mailed it to me.

Ya’ll, I can’t tell you how much this simple card has encouraged me this week.  I’ve kept it in my purse as a reminder of this friend’s love and support.  It means so much to know there are people in my life who believe in me and want me to succeed.  Not only that, but it’s also served as a bigger reminder, that not only does she believe me, but I know God believes in me too.  And the things that He’s pressing on my heart aren’t just things to think about, but with His help, they are things we can accomplish together.  To me, this card was just a small way of God going out of His way to encourage me through someone else. 

More often than I’d like to admit,  I’m insecure and I feel like a failurefalling short of my goals be it exercise goals, eating ambitions, household organization, personal goals, etc.  This little card lifted me up right when I needed it and reminded me that no matter how I might be feeling, I’m not a failure.

It takes maybe 10-12 minutes to write someone a little note and pop it into the mail.  Far too often, we women can be catty, competitive, petty, or consumed by comparisons…BUT we can also be vehicles that God uses to speak life, truth, joy, and abundance into the lives of other womendon’t we want to be those kind of women?

So this week, send a card, not a text or an email, but a real, live, paper note to someone and speak truth into them!  It is an incredible gift that each one of us is able to give, so what are we waiting for?!