Unwrapping Truth

Happy Monday!  I hope you had the most wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a great time hunting, feasting, shopping and footballing.  The UVA game on Saturday was a tough one, but as you can see above, we definitely had the cutest cheerleaders!

Yesterday, we went into Christmas mode and pulled out all of the decorations.  Typically, I’m not really that quick to prepare for anything, but my motto is: if you’re going to do all the work, you might as well enjoy it as long as possible.  This is very true when it comes to taking everything down.  I mean really, is it so wrong to have a Christmas tree double as a Valentine’s Day tree?

My favorite part of yesterday’s Christmas prep was decorating the tree.  In a giant tupperware were tiny little ornaments each individually wrapped, each telling a different story-the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament that my mom received when she was anxiously awaiting my arrival (although I didn’t make my grand entrance until January 11th), the UVA football I got the Christmas I was accepted to UVA, the tree angel we received from a dear friend for our wedding, and a little gingerbread ornament we received for our first married Christmas-each special memories packed up in January only to be unwrapped and enjoyed all over again in December.

 Last night, I got to thinking about how sometimes God’s word is like a box of ornaments.  Full of little truths to unwrap and remember each day.  Some verses we remember as lifelines that carried us through different seasons, others we memorized as children only to forget along the way, and still others are brand new Truths that fall freshly on our eyes.

The Bible is full of promise, hope, and direction, but so often my eyes are foggy as I idly turn the pages, missing out on SO much Truth.  

What if each time I opened up the Bible I treated it like opening up a box of ornamentseager to unwrap every single part and quick to cling to the promise found within each word?

Christmas is full of lots of unwrappingornaments, Christmas cards, candy canes, and giftsas we delight in the season, let’s also delight in God’s Word and be quick to unwrap His Truth.

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path
Psalm 119:105