Things Are Not Okay

Is it just me, or are there days when it’s a bit harder to “feel” God?  My friend Megan used to call it the “warm and fuzzies.”  This week, I’ve has a hard time “feeling” God.  I think there are several reasons, but one being when you watch tragedy strike and people’s homes literally wash away, it’s hard to even know how to begin to balance your faith and emotions.  “God, I know you are with me, I know you are good, but this really sucks…”

I’ve been praying for eyes to see and ears to hear, but I’m not really getting much action.  But even in the silent times, where my life and faith feels stuck in a rut, I do know God is thereit’s just a bit more of a challenge to see.

So, I’ve tried to carry on…praying, praising, and choosing to believe that God hears me even if I’m not “feeling” it.  This morning, I received the first glimmer of Light that my eyes have been focused enough to see clearly:

“Seek Me with your whole being.  I do desire to be found by you, and I orchestrate the events of your life with that purpose in mind.  When things go well and you are blessed, you can feel Me smiling on you.  When you encounter rough patches along your life-journey, trust the My Light is still shining upon you.  My reasons for allowing these adversities may be shrouded in mystery, but My continual Presence with you is an absolute promise.  Seek Me in good times; seek Me in hard times.  You will find Me watching over you all the time.”

-Jesus Calling
As I write this, a worship song in the background is playing, “Things are not okay right now, and they won’t be ’til You come back.”  
I have tears in my eyes as I allow those words to settle in…things really aren’t okaytragedy, sickness, turmoil, and loss surrounds the world we live in.  That’s not okay, but thankfully, it’s also not the endwe have this incredible, everlasting Promise of Jesus forever and ever, and we might not be here to see it, but scripture promises us that Jesus is going to come back to rule and reign on earth once again.  
The lyrics continue, “All I want is to be near you, with you, where you are.”  We also have the promise that even though things aren’t okay, and this isn’t the world we were created for, Jesus is with usHe will never leave us or forsake us.  Even though I can’t always “feel” Him, I so desperately need more of Him!  I so desperately want to be near Him, with Him, where He is.    
I loved what my sweet friend, Mary Elizabeth, wrote this week on her blog as she described a recent painful experience:

Yet, we carry on…somehow…each day holds new life, new expectation, new promise.  And we remember that, as my dear former pastor says, “We will be doing fine in 150 years.”  This life is but a vapor, yet it matters to the Lord.