The Perfect Christmas

Lulu and Susanna on a Christmas walk with their life-size Cinderellas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all had a joyous Christmas!! 

I know Christmas is over, but I had one last Christmas-ey thought I wanted to share before we all head into 2013…

For months many of us prepare and plan as to how we can make Christmas “perfect.”  But you can pretty much ask anyone, and no matter how many plans and preparations you make, something’s not going to work the way it’s supposed to.  Packages are lost or shipped to the wrong house, family drama ensues, children are disappointed they didn’t get the “only present they wanted”…and the list goes on. 

One year in my family, we had all gathered to pray over dinner, when we heard a clatter in the kitchen…our sweet, but ferocious dog, Celeste, had jumped on the counter and knocked over the beef tenderloin that my aunt had hand-carried on an airplane all the way from Texas…

Another year, my mother had spent so much time diligently laying out her nativity scene and setting a beautiful table in the dining room.  As we began to eat Christmas night, one of my siblings yelled, “Mary’s on fire!  Mary’s on fire!” and we all paused to watch the straw my mom had set out had catch fire from a candle, singeing parts of the nativity, including Mary….

This year, we gathered one night to have one of our favorite traditions: raclette, which is basically a Swiss meal where you grill food on the table in front of you.  We were all going to town with our various meats, cheeses, and vegetables, when B said, “umm…the candles are melting…” 

Yes, candles are supposed to melt, but on the inside, not the outside.  These happened to be Christmas candles we had decorated as children that my mom sets out every year.  To preserve them, she only lights votives inside.  Yet this year, these little candles couldn’t stand the heat from the grills and melted from the outside.  Most of them were salvaged, except for my beautiful nativity.  On my candle, Joseph has melted into a puddle.  But really, who needs him anyways?! (just kidding!)

No matter how hard we work to make everything “perfect” chances are something usually goes awry.  But this season is not about how perfect we can be…it’s about rejoicing in God’s perfect gift to us.  God sent us His son to save us from our sins and imperfections and redeem in us what is broken.

So rather than wallow in any disappointments, imperfections, or thwarted plans that occurred this Christmas, rejoice in the Truth that Jesus is the epitome of perfection and He is truly all that we need!

    Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17