The Land of 10,000 Lakes

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Happy Thursday!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on Long to Love yet, but tomorrow, the Williams family is Minnesota bound for the summer!  Crazy, right?!  B has secured a great summer internship way up there, so that means that Neely and I are packing our bags and preparing to join him. 

I’ll be honest, I always knew an internship would be the next step after his first year of school, but I guess I was hoping for something closer to the east coast….like Richmond, Atlanta, or New York, but who knew that for MBA students Minnesota isn’t only the land of 10,000 lakes (11,842 to be exact), but it’s also the land of big, huge companies with great job opportunities. 

We’ll be gone for 10 weeks and believe it or not, but I’ve actually never been away from the great Commonwealth of Virginia for longer than 10 weeks.  I came close when I went to China, but I think I was home around the 9-week mark.  I love the Commonwealth.  I mean, you Virginians out there know that Virginia is the greatest state ever…we have mountains, we have beaches, we have vineyards, and we have Thomas Jefferson.  I love it here. 

But sometimes, opportunities arise that pull us out of what’s comfortable and help us rise into what’s excellent.  No, Minnesota would not have been my first choice for where the Williams family should “summer” this year, but through the years, I’ve learned that when God calls you to go somewhere, even if you go kicking and screaming, He has His reasons and He will not disappoint you.  As my mom says,If you and/or your husband are answering God’s call on your lives and going where He leads you, even though it might look different than you planned, you will not be deprived.”  
I’ve followed God to several corners of the world in my life that were most certainly not my idea…Sri Lanka, China, Honduras, and The Dominican Republic, and while several of those times, I said something like, “Okay God, I’ll go…but for the record, this is NOT my first choice,” even through my stubborn, controlling ways, God always knew things that I didn’t…there were reasons for me to be there and each time God showed up in cool and powerful ways.

And while right now, I’m treating Minnesota as a foreign country worried that they won’t have some of the “amenities” I’m become accustomed to down here like La Croix & Chik-fil-A, I’m confident that God’s best for us this summer is to head North and I’m choosing to trust and believe that His way is best. 

This morning, my mind is racing with a list of all of the comforts from home that I want to be sure to pack with us like our coffee grinder, pillows, santuko knife, Lafco candle, Mrs. Meyers dish soap…but as I’ve been mulling over this list, I’m reminded that God, the greatest comfort of all, is coming with us, as well. 

One of the great things about God is that when He calls you to go, He doesn’t just send you on your way, but He goes before you and paves the way and not once does He leave your side. 

So tomorrow, as we load up for our 20-hour drive, I’m so grateful that not only will I have B and Neely, but we’ll also have the God of the Universe coming with us and paving our way. 

Happy Trails!!

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
Deuteronomy 31:8