Thank You.

As if my Hilary Duff confession yesterday wasn’t bad enough, here’s another one for you: I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.  Ready for another?  Yesterday, the soundtrack to my work day was set by various Grey’s Anatomy playlists I found online.

One of the things that Grey’s Anatomy does SO well is pair each scene with the perfect song, inevitably evoking tears from this loyal viewer (the only show that makes me cry more is Parenthood…they get me every time!)

I love good music.  I love how it makes you feel, how it can set up a scene so perfectly, and how it’s adjustable to your mood…here’s another super embarrassing fact about me: I like to listen to Justin Bieber when I clean my house.

But in addition to tv soundtracks and the Biebs, I also love a good worship song.  I think it’s great that there are so many different avenues and ways to connect with God, but as for me, I’m always going to be a “happy clappy” kind of girl.  I LOVE connecting with God through worship.

So today, on Good Friday, there’s a song that I just have to share.  One that brings tears to my eyes every time I sing it, no matter what day of the year it is.  Sometimes when I think about Christ’s sacrifice, it’s hard to find the right words and I love the way worship songs can help you out.  For me, there’s no better response than this: “Thank You for the cross.”

So, wherever you Easter plans take you, and no matter how cute and fabulous your Easter dress is, I pray each one of us will be able to steal a moment of time where we can get alone with Jesus and say, “Jesus, thank You for the cross…”

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I LOVED this post from my sweet Mama on Jesus’ Last Supper.

I also could have re-written this exact same post again this year.