Thank you, Mr. Jobs

Getty Images via WSJ
“The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.” 
-Bill Gates
Yesterday, I along with many of you, learned of the loss of Apple chairman and co-founder Steve Jobs.  I was surprised to see on my Facebook and Twitter feeds how many people left statuses honoring his life and his legacy.  Though we didn’t know him, in the past ten years, millions connected with him through iPods, iMacs, iPads, iTunes, and iPhones.  He is a man who has left a huge impact on our world.  
The Wall Street Journal wrote a great piece summarizing his life and after reading it, there were several things I think we can all appreciate when it comes to making an impact:
Steve Jobs was adopted in 1955.  Did you know that?  I think speak for millions when I say, “Thank you” to his parents for giving him a chance at life and a family. 
After he co-founded Apple in his family’s garage in 1976, he was fired by the board in 1985.  But did he give up? Nope!  He created a new company that Apple later acquired for $400 million in 1996. 
During his break from Apple, he also had the foresight to purchase the computer graphics department of Lucasfilm Ltd. for $10 million that evolved into Pixar and was sold to Disney in 2006 for over $7 billion.  No big deal… 
By 1997, Apple was floundering and had $2 billion in losses over two years.  Who did they call?  They guy they fired in the eighties.  Did Steve hold a grudge and say, “Thanks for buying my new company, but you fired me, remember?  I’d rather take my $400 million and watch your rapid decline from a far.”  Nope!  He came back and took over as the interim CEO in 1997 and it was made permanent in 2000.  There were still a few stumbles initially, but Steve Jobs didn’t give up–in his last decade of life, he took those $2 billion in losses and turned Apple into the world’s most valuable company at $350 billion.  
My favorite line from the article was this: “Those who knew Mr. Jobs say one reason why he was able to keep innovating was because he didn’t dwell on past accomplishments and demanded that employees do the same.”
Sure, we may not have the vision to found a company that literally transforms the way a majority of us operate on a daily basis, but we have all been created for a purpose.  When we were created, God  equipped each of us with unique gifts and talents.  As we continue to seek and pray through what those may be here are a few things to remember:

Don’t give up.

Don’t let hurts, failures, or rejections destroy your dreams.  Remember Kathryn Stockett?
Pursue excellence and refuse to settle. 
Don’t ever get too comfortable and think you’ve “made it.”  Apple could have rested on the success of the iPod and iTunes, but we would have missed the iPhone and iPad.   
Hold onto the vision and keep looking forward.  
Though it linger, wait for it;
   itwill certainly come and will not delay.
 Habakkuk 2:3