"Stuff" My Mom Says

In addition to Long to Love, I’m also fortunate to be able to blog weekly over on The Changing Seasons Blog in addition to Trish, Mary Elizabeth, Dee, Jodie, and my Mama.  One perk for my mom of having me stay with her when I’m at the beach for work, is that I get to proofread her posts.  This morning, she had me read a Mother’s Day post inspired by all of the fabulous advice that her mother passed down.

Which got me to thinking…I could write an entire book on my mom’s little nuggets of wisdom, so I decided to completely copy my mother (I AM my mother’s daughter).  You’ve heard of “Stuff” Girls Say, and this morning, I give you my own “Stuff” My Mom Says:

4.  “Physical Chemistry is an important component in a relationship…sometimes it might get you into trouble, but you can’t have a great relationship without it!  

If you ask her, she’ll deny she ever said this, but there was a time in my life when I needed to hear this.  This is going to sound obvious, and I’m embarrassed I needed to be told this,  but it’s not just enough to have a guy who really likes you and you somewhat enjoy being around…you need to have chemistry!  To this one, I will add, my mother also liked to tell me that “nothing good happens after midnight.”  And as usual, my mother was right!

3.  “We are a team & we stick together!”  

Growing up, my four siblings and I would groan as she would hammer this into our heads as we walked out the door and bounded off to school.  But she was right.  My mother was always speaking to us about the value and gift of family and how it was our job to look out for one another, protect one another, and always, always build each other up to others.  As I’m writing this, I see how it can apply to my marriage as well…who likes to listen to a wife nag and complain about her husband all the time?  My brother has taken this to the extreme and when he got married, his beautiful bride gave him matching “Team Robertson” shirts.  Isn’t that adorable?!

2.  “You weren’t made to fall, you were made to rise into what God has for you.”  

These words were gold to my broken 19-year-old heart.  I wrote a whole post about them here, but essentially, it helped me examine all major life decisions —boys, jobs, moves, friends..even shopping— am I rising or falling?  Sometimes we get frustrated and tried of waiting so we fall into something that’s less than God’s best, but my mom continually reminds me that I was made to rise into what God has for me, and so were you!

1.  “See how the Lord loves to take care of you!”

When I was in third grade, my parents got tickets to see Amy Grant in her LEGENDARY “Heart in Motion Tour”.  Being it was on a school night, my mom was concerned about her little 8-year-old staying up late at the greatest concert of all time.  It was also right around the time of standardized testing so she told me to pray about it and that she would call my teacher to get her thoughts.  I prayed my little heart out and when I came home she said that she talked to my teacher and she said that the tests were planned for the week of the concert, but unexpectedly, the tests hadn’t come in, so they had to postpone them a week.  It was an Amy Grant miracle and God had heard my prayer!  My mom looked in my eyes and said, “Elizabeth, see how the Lord loves to take care of you!”

I couldn’t believe how personal and real God could be and that he would care about something as silly as an Amy Grant concert, though I’m sure He’s a fan!  Ever since then, my mom has never been far with her saying…when I found 5 fabulous roommates to live with in college, when I stumbled into my first big girl job, when a hurricane threatened, but did not destroy my wedding…and the list continues to go on.  God is good and if there’s one thing my mom reminds me of over and over again, He loves to take care of me!  

Have a nugget of wisdom from your mom, sound off below?  Or you moms out there, what’s the number one nugget you want to be remembered for??