Strong Women, Soft Hearts

Well, it happened…Paula Rinehart came to Virginia Beach yesterday and it was a sweet and precious gift.  Video and pictures to come, but for now, here’s another beautiful excerpt from Paula:

“Each of us wants to become what I call a strong woman with a soft heart–a woman in touch with God and alive to all the possibilities that walking with him can bring.  It’s just that sometimes we get mired in the very clay he dug us our of, tangled in the weeds of our own wanderings….

…we must have our hearts intact in order to make the journey of life well.  We must have access to the inside stuff–the longings and desires and dreams and vulnerabilities that make us who we are.  God placed those in us.  He means for us to live from the heart.  It’s the place where we first hear his voice and respond.  It’s the key to so much–to trust and the willingness to forgive; to laughter, wisdom, and sacrifice; to being able to love others in a real way.

  Life is not a journey you want to make on autopilot.”

-Paual Rinehart, Strong Women, Soft Hearts