erw-speaking Blending a fresh perspective with a talent for engaging audiences, Elizabeth welcomes the chance to share with groups of all sizes. Unlike writing, speaking gives her the chance to share and connect with people face-to-face, something Elizabeth loves. Through the years, she has spoken nationally to all kinds of groups—college ministries, churches, women’s events, and young adult ministries.

Much like her writing, Elizabeth’s speaking is honest, fun, and inspirational. Below, you’ll find a few of her speaking topics. She is also happy to work with you to cater a message specific to your group.

Speaking Topics

Finding Stability Amidst the Robust Transitions of Your Twenties

Your Twenties are a time when most people are rapidly moving from one transition to the next, which can be hard, exhausting, and something most people are completely unprepared for. With so many different options and no set playbook for survival, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. Here, Elizabeth draws on the struggles she faced in her twenties and offers three concrete ways to find stability amidst the endless change and transition that are your twenties.

How Will I Know? Four simple steps to distinguish between “Mr. Right Now” and “Mr. Forever”

Often, when it comes to dating relationships, we like to cut to the chase.  After approximately 2.5 dates with a guy, inquiring minds want to know: "Is he the one?" Unfortunately, there is no verse in the Bible that says, "You'll know this is the man you are to marry by x, y, and z...” Wouldn't that be nice?! In “How Will I Know?” Elizabeth walks women through four simple checks to help them discern if the current object of their affection is “Mr. Right Now” or “Mr. Forever.”

Mothers & Daughters: The Divine Duet (With Lisa Robertson)

Mother-daughter relationships can be stressful, trying, humbling—and absolutely wonderful! After 30 years together, Elizabeth and her mother, Lisa Robertson, have seen it all and delight in speaking together about the trials and triumphs of this divinely given bond. Drawing on their own stories and light-hearted anecdotes Lisa and Elizabeth offer this encouraging message: no mother-daughter relationship is perfect, but with the right perspective, we can thrive in our roles and cherish this unique and precious family tie!

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Letting Go of Comparisons & Living Abundantly Right Where You Are

What woman doesn’t struggle with comparing herself to everyone around her—their homes, their marriage, their jobs, their children, their “single lady freedom”—no matter who they are and what season they are in, we want to be right there with them, never satisfied with what we have. In “I’ll Have What She’s Having,” Elizabeth talks through the discontentment and comparisons that consume us and encourages women to embrace their season of “now” and dwell in the present.

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I so enjoyed hearing Elizabeth share sweet, funny, and difficult moments from her journey. What a great event!

- Virginia Beach, VA

I was so very encouraged by Elizabeth’s words… both poignant and hilarious!

- Atlanta, GA

Elizabeth’s words were heartfelt, memorable, and full of wisdom.

- Virginia Beach, VA

Lisa and Elizabeth touched just the right notes of faith and family, of living in this world but seeking to know our roles as mothers and daughters and God’s appointed journey for us.

- Lake Forest, IL