Something To Talk About

Little B loves trying to talk to his cousins!


One of the many wonderful perks about my job, is that I’m able to learn so much about early child development and glean tips for making the most of this critical time of development in a child’s life. Did you know that nearly 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the time they’re five years old?!  Talk about pressure!

A few weeks ago, someone asked me what two things were most important to helping their baby’s development.  My answer?  Talk to your baby constantly and read everyday.  Even though they can’t speak English yet, there is so much engagement and interaction that occurs simply by talking to them.  Let your baby hear your voice, talk about the things that you’re doing, and talk to them–mimicking the sounds that they make.  Little B and I have five minute conversations without even speaking an actual word–just lots of ooohs, aaahh, and maaas.

Beyond my maternal instinct and wanting what’s best for my baby, I confess, that I feel a sense of professional pressure to make sure my baby is well-developed, therefore, I have taken my role of talking to him very seriously.  We talk all the time–in the car, at the grocery store, during bath time, at the changing table.  If he’s not eating or sleeping, chances are, we’re talking.

It wouldn’t be enough to just spend ten minutes during the day talking to him and then go on about my business without acknowledging him again.  As his mother, it’s my job to keep him engaged and interact with him throughout the day.

When it comes to God, I think it’s easy for us to try to squeeze Him in at the start or end of our day, forgetting about him in the middle.  But like the loving, engaging, responsive parent that He is, our God is ready and willing to talk to us throughout the day.

We don’t have to check in once or twice, we can talk to Him any time–asking for help, guidance, peace, and wisdom; thanking and praising Him for everything He’s given to us.  He’s there, ready to listen and respond.

As I’ve mentioned, in this new season of life, my quiet mornings with coffee, a Bible, and my journal are few and far between.  But thankfully, God hasn’t changed. He’s still there–ready and able to talk to me throughout the day.  I just need to remember to take Him up on it!

“Rejoice always, pray continually…”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-17 
PS: Check out this recent New York Times Op-Ed: The Power of Talking to Your Baby