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I briefly mentioned this before, but a few weeks ago, our little family had a BIG transition.  At long last, we finally found a house to buy!

Many of you know, this has been quite the process.  Honestly, I had no idea when we moved last summer how difficult it would be to find a house that fit all of our criteria, and I promise, we weren’t that picky.

Along the way, there were homes that came into our path–homes we hoped and prayed were “the one” but to no avail…

There was the house I wrote about last fall that we had a contract on that we were convinced was “the one” only to see through several big signs, that God was tightly closing the door.

There was the house we thought was a sure thing, only to lose out to a more competitive offer.

There was the one that got two offers for the same price but ultimately didn’t pan out for us.

There was the one that had been on the market for over a year and when we FINALLY put an offer in, the received another offer on the same day.  (Really, what are the chances?!?)

And many, many more….

And with each closed door we paused and thanked God for protecting us.  There were too many bizarre circumstances that kept happening, preventing us from buying the wrong house, that we just KNEW God was waiting to open up the right door in His perfect timing.

On our best days, we rejoiced that God had a plan and would be faithful to provide for us when it was time.

On our worst days, we grew tired, impatient, and frustrated.

There were weeks we were faithful to pray, and others where we got tired of praying for the same thing over and over again…

Thankfully, our friends and family around us didn’t grow tired and continued to pray for our family to settle into the perfect home.

We had grown so frustrated looking for housing, we were beginning to look into building a house, which seemed completely overwhelming.  That week, my parents prayed for our house search and my dad specifically prayed that God would bring us a house that we could move into right away.

That very afternoon, an agent called me about a house with a house we HAD to see ASAP.  We were heading out of town for the weekend, but made a quick trip to see it before hitting the road.

I fell in love.  The house met all of our criteria and more–I wasn’t going to let it slip away; this was it!  The only problem?  It was WAY out of our budget.

B and I talked about the house the entire trip up to Charlottesville.  Me in my “lala land” where we could “make it work” and B in his lovingly realistic approach that brought me down to earth and back to reality.  (Have I mentioned I’m so glad I married him?!)

By the time we got to Charlottesville, we were both in agreement that the house wasn’t for us and we (mainly I) needed to readjust our expectations and keep praying and waiting.

I called the agent Saturday morning and said, “thank you, but no thank you.”

One hour later, we got THE call.  A new house had just been listed.  One that was in our budget.  One in our preferred location.  One with more than enough space for our growing family.

I had my parents drive by to check it out and I got a text from my mom that said, “BUY IT NOW.”

As soon as we arrived back in town Sunday afternoon, we picked up Bear and raced to see the house.  As we walked through the house, it was clear the house had its quirks and needed a lot of TLC, but we knew, at long last, we had found, “the one.”

We put an offer in that night and were one step closer to becoming homeowners.

When we got the call that they had accepted our offer, I can’t tell you the joy and relief I felt in knowing that after all the waiting and the closed doors, God had finally come through and opened the most perfect door for our family.

Looking back, it’s now so clear why none of the other houses had worked–they weren’t for us.

In life, we all walk through many seasons of closed doors, be it relationships, jobs, homes, etc.  In the 5.5 years I’ve been married, B and I have seen countless doors slam in our face, much to our confusion, discouragement, and disappointment.

But with each closed door we all may encounter, we can’t lose heart and we can’t stop believing that God has a plan.

In my experience, when I’ve arrived on the other side to the door that finally opens, it is always, without fail, “immeasurably more than anything I could ask or imagine.”

If you are walking through a season of closed doors and waiting, don’t lose hope!  Cling tightly to God and trust that when He closes doors, even though it might be disheartening, He knows what He’s doing.

Keep your eyes on Him and walk alongside Him as He leads you to the perfect door.

My (daughter), give me your heart
and let your eyes keep to my ways…
There is surely a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off. 

Proverbs 23: 26, 18

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  • Eliza Joy Capps


    • Elizabeth Williams

      Thank you, sweet friend!! And thanks for encouraging us throughout the process!!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thank you, sweet friend! And thanks for all of your encouragement! xoxo

  • Allison Watson

    Yay!! so happy to have you in the hood!! in the PERFECT house!!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      We are SO excited! THANKS for ALL of your help with the house hunt–so grateful for you! xoxo

  • Sara

    So good sister. (And so exciting!!)

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thank you, Sara! We are pumped! xoxo

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