Slow Down

Sometimes I just never learn…yesterday, after I wrote about my need to slow down, what do I do? I attempted to run, while holding a dog leash, and talking on the phone…great idea, I know! The result was another injury for my little cell phone as she tumbled to the ground, while I tried to add one more thing to the mix and get my iPod out. Thankfully, she still works, but she is currently being held together by some rubber bands (the next best thing to duct tape).

Rather than getting upset, I just started laughing…why did I ever think that combo would work? It was just another way to try and cut a corner. I was running late, and thought I should get moving while I made a 45 second phone call to meet my friend. Was it worth the 45 seconds saved? Definitely not.

Slow. Down. It sounds like such a serene and lovely idea, but it is SO much harder than it sounds.

Let be and be still.
Psalm 46:10 (AMP)