Share Your Story

Babby dancing up a storm with her granddaughters

Yesterday, while organizing some books, I received an incredible gift all over again.  Seven years ago at Christmas, my grandmother, Babby, took the time to write her memoirs and bound them into a book for all twelve of her grandchildren. 

Within these pages are stories of her greatest joys and greatest heartbreaks.  In her introduction, she writes:

“The one consistent thread which I weaved through in these stories is the enduring and powerful presence of God in my life…I know each of you will choose your own path with regard to your spiritual life, but I know that each of you, will at some time have need of support, question life’s challenges, or seek answers to life’s imponderable moments–both happy and tragic.  And perhaps in those times, these memoirs of my life with God will be helpful to you, and a source of nurturing love and support.”

I can’t tell you what a gift this little book is. Without writing it down, there’s no mistake that my grandmother has already paved a powerful legacy–one that she passed down to her children, grandchildren, and the countless people she has mentored, prayed over, and counseled, but to hold her words in my hands is powerful.

This morning, I was FINALLY reading the last chapter in Priscilla Shirer’s book The Resolution for Women (yes, I started in January) and the entire section was on leaving a legacy.

As women, each one of us is called to leave a legacy.  One that we can pass on to women who will come after us.  One where we can inspire and strengthen women coming up below us to help them navigate life and its challenges.

One thing I love about women is how God has carved out unique stories for each of us–stories that are meant to be shared.  These stories can be used to equip and inspire other women a few years behind you trying to tread water.  In the same way we read and talk about how God redeems and saves His people throughout the Bible, these stories continue through our own lives, and it’s up to us to share them.

Don’t be shy–tell younger women what God has done in your life, how he rescued you, dug you out from the pit, and redeemed you.  Tell them of the ways God carried you during your hardest times, how He’s answered your prayers, and remember His goodness.

Priscilla concludes her book by saying, “You are a woman whose story bears reading and repeating because your God is doing amazing things in you, whether or not you realize it.  Things you don’t want to hide and downplay.  Things others shouldn’t need to learn all over again.  Things that will help them launch into life with a spiritual boost and a head start.” 

  “That’s the strength of a woman’s legacy.  Your legacy.”  

When I look back on my life, I’m so grateful for the women above me who have taken the time to invest and pour into me–my grandmothers, my mother,  babysitters, Bible study leaders, women in my church, bosses–I have been blessed.

This week, take some time to prayerfully consider who God might be wanting you to invest in and share your story with.  Then, set up a coffee date or a power walk and do what we do best–chat it up! 


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