Seven Years Later

Beach Week, 2006
Beach Week, 2013

So last week, after Changing Seasons, I packed up my baby and headed to meet B in Nags Head for Darden’s Beach Week.  There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.  Other houses were hosting neon parties and toga parties, while we hosted two babies and two puppies.  We were definitely the fun house!!  

It had been seven years since I was last in Nags Head and as I was driving down, I was carried away by a wave of nostalgia.  Seven years ago, I went down with my friends from college for the week before our college graduation.  Of particular interest to me at the time, was figuring out how to see my latest crush as much as possible.  His name was Bernie.

Back then, if you would have told me that seven years later, not only would I be married to my beach week crush, but that I would be driving his baby in the back of my car to beach week, I would have never believed you.  What can I say?  Sometimes, life just surprises you!

Seven years later, I’ve thought about what I would have told my 22-year old self on the brink of graduation, ready to make the jump into the big girl world.  And here are a few things I came up with:

In the next seven years, there are going to be many more questions than answers and that’s okay.  Stick with God and little by little He will show you where you need to go.

There will be seasons where you wonder if God even hears your prayers, but I assure you, He does.  He is nearer than you think.  Don’t stop seeking, asking, praying, and crying out to a God who loves you dearly and has a perfect plan for you.

You’re not going to find the consistency that you’re looking for; there will be many changes, transitions, and times where you feel completely unsettled.  In these times, you will come to appreciate and rely on the consistency of God like never before.  He truly is the only consistency that you need.

Take time to invest in your old friends, be willing to make new ones, and understand that sometimes, relationships change and evolve and that’s okay, too.

Listen carefully to your mom’s advice.  She knows what she’s talking about.

Often, you only need one–one place to live, one job, one husband, etc.–have patience as you wait for the right ONE to come along.

Yes, you ARE going to marry your beach week crush and go on to have his baby.  Get excited, because it’s going to be amazing!