Scripture Memory for June!

Our little road warrior Neely…she had plenty of room, but she liked to keep her head in between us to sit “up front” with us!  She’s adorable!

Elizabeth, here, coming to you all the way up north from Minnesota!  Yes, 19 hours and 1200 miles later, we finally made it!!

Thanks to many of you for your texts, emails and calls…I feel so blessed to be supported and encouraged by so many special people.  
Some initial thoughts about the past few days:
West Virginians are not very good drivers…the only 3 wrecks we passed were in West Virginia.  But I will say, when their emergency crews are needed, they come out in full force — no less than 8 emergency vehicles were at each accident.  
Ohio…hmmm, not much to say about Ohio.  Their mile marker road signs weren’t very impressive.  
Indiana–GREAT country radio stations and LOTS of churches.  We stopped in Indiana for dinner at a steakhouse I found on a billboard (when you’re on a long trip, billboards with beautiful steaks are VERY effective), but I think it was a local bar and with my sundress and pearls and B’s polo and tortoise shell spectacles, we didn’t quite pass the “local test,” so they sat us in a separate room by ourselves…not that we minded, but it was pretty funny!  
Illinois — WAY too many tolls!  
Wisconsin — I liked this state.  Lots of signs for cheese, homemade ice cream, and there was a place called Biscuit World…my kind of world!  
There are not enough Chik-fil-A’s and more Arby’s and KFC’s in our country than I ever realized.
A John Grisham audio book is a valuable tool for a long trip and carried us 11 hours of the drive.  
And now, at long last, we’re here in Minnesota.  It’s beautiful here and the weather is great!  When we pulled in to our apartment, the song from Annie played in my head, “I think I’m gonna like it here…”  (Yes, sometimes I think in musicals!)
My biggest discovery, so far, is a movie theater with $4 tickets!!  For just $15, B and I got two tickets, a large popcorn, and soda.  I quickly texted my movie loving friend Molly to tell her of this new discovery.  Movie goers out there will know that this is a find!  
Also, don’t fret, while I haven’t yet found a Chik-fil-A, I have confirmed that they DO have La Croix here.  And not only do they have it, but they have additional flavors like orange and lemon…who knew?!  
Orange La Croix!
Okay, sorry for the random thoughts on our big summer move.  Now, let’s get to the important stuff…remember last month when we started doing some scripture memorization?!  Well, it’s that time again!  Can you believe it?!  
I’ll be honest, I had to do a refresher on my May verse this morning before I could move onto the next, so if you’re in that boat too, don’t rush it.  But, I’m finally ready and I’m so excited about my new verse courtesy of my mom via Pricilla Shirer:  
In that day he will be your sure foundation,

    providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.

    The fear of the Lord will be your treasure.

Isaiah 33:6 (NLT)

I love the image and reassurance of God being our sure foundation!  

Have a memory verse for June?  Leave it in the comments below!  

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