Royal Baby!

Image via People

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We popped back up to Charlottesville for a wedding and after only being away for just two weeks, it was amazing how much it felt like coming home.  We pretty much ate our way through Charlottesville from beginning to end and had a much-needed, relaxing weekend.  Plus, thanks to our sweet friends, B and I had two baby-free nights out!

In other news, can we talk about the BIG announcement last week?!  The royal baby has arrived!  Y’all I’m kind of embarrassed how excited I got.  Each day, there was something new to look forward to…

On Monday, when I found out she was in labor, I anxiously awaited to hear the news–boy or girl?

Then on Tuesday, it was time to camp out and wait for the photos–can we talk for a minute about how gorgeous Kate looked just one day after giving birth?!  I think a hair stylist is a must for anyone leaving the hospital–insurance would totally cover that, right?  I also loved that she didn’t attempt to hide her existing bump.

(Moms-to-be, take note: your baby bump does not go away the minute the baby comes out.  It lingers for a while.  This is something I wasn’t prepared for…so, after I delivered Little B, I mistakenly packed a maternity top that clung to my belly to go home.  When there was a baby in there, my bump was cute, but with the baby in the car seat, my bump wasn’t really something I wanted on display for the “going home pics.”  That’s where photo cropping comes in handy!)

And then finally, it was time to name the royal prince: George Alexander Louis.

Selfishly, I’ll admit that I’m slightly jealous they picked George.  George has always been on my short list of baby boy names and I have a feeling that the name is about to see a surge in popularity.  Don’t you think “Baby George” would be precious?!

All last week, the world had royal baby on the brain, and really since the minute we found out last winter Kate was pregnant.  And even before that, two years ago after the royal wedding, we’ve been waiting for the royal baby.  I mean, just look at the excitement when Prince George made his debut:
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And as I found myself carried away with all the royal baby excitement last week, I thought of another royal baby who not only brought us joy, but brought us eternal hope, healing, and salvation.

This baby had no public announcement to the world of his coming.  No daily fashion spreads of his mom’s maternity style.  No official scroll provided by the hospital.  In fact, he was born in a manger; the most humble beginning for such royalty.

He came down from his throne in the heavens to be with us and to save us.  Talk about a baby worth waiting for and a baby worth rejoicing! 

For to us a child is born…And he will be called 
Wonderful COUNSELOR, MIGHTY God, Everlasting FATHER, Prince of PEACE.
Isaiah 9:6

“Joy to the World, the Lord is come!”