Quick Update

Hi Everyone!

  Just wanted to send a little update to let you know that the blog will be a bit quieter over the next two weeks.  Today, I’m heading on a trip with my mom and youngest sister Abby!  While I’m so excited about this last-minute trip, I don’t think I’ll have much internet, so I wanted to say farewell for now.  I’ve scheduled a few occasional posts, but not many.  See you soon!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a new translation of my June memory verse from the NET.  I was cleaning out my purse and I discovered it written on an old piece of paper from four years ago when I worked in DC (yes, that’s how often I clean out my purse), and I’m kind of obsessed with it:

He is your constant source of stability; he abundantly provides safety and great wisdom; he gives all this to those who fear him.

Isaiah 33:6