Cher Horowitz…causing parents and drivers everywhere to pray.

One of the things I like about having a blog, is sometimes it can be my own little public service announcement.  Like when I told you about lint build up in your dryer potentially leading to fires…seriously, don’t leave your house when the dryer is on.

I apologize if today’s post sounds a bit more like an “after school special” (remember those?) but here goes…

A few weeks ago, Little B and I were in a car accident.  It was a freak accident that I had no way to see coming–I was driving 40 mph on an open road, when out of nowhere, a car rear ended me.  I wasn’t stopped, I wasn’t breaking, I wasn’t even slowing down…I have no idea how she hit me, she must have been going over 70 in a 35 mph zone.  It was bizarre, to say the least, and really scary.

Thankfully, we are okay!  Cars can be fixed.  After a few initial tears, Little B was quite the trooper and enjoyed meeting Virginia Beach’s finest law enforcers and firemen.

I’ll be honest though, the accident really scared me.  No, the accident wasn’t my fault, but one of the things it did for me, was remind me of the potential damage that we’re capable of when we get behind the wheel.

On any given day, I’m typically multi-tasking from the minute I get up (like right now, when I’m trying to blog AND put Little B down for a nap).  Often, this multi-tasking mindset carries into my car–driving, eating breakfast, talking on the phone, applying lip gloss…all while cruising at 60 mph down the Interstate.  I say you should never text and drive, but I have been known to sneak the occasional little text here and there while cruising down the road.  How stupid!  (As an aside, if you’re guilty of texting and driving, Oprah says to put your phone in the back seat, or even the trunk, so you can’t reach it.  Thanks, O!)

For me, the accident has been a big reminder to slow down and be careful.  Not just in our day-to-day life, but also when we’re driving.  Cars are big, powerful vehicles that we use all the time.  They not only have potential to cause damage to us and the people in our cars, but also to other cars on the road.  We need to be aware and we need to be careful.

Okay, I’m officially off my soapbox.  Sorry!!

Another thing the accident did, was remind me of God’s protection and covering.  After the accident, I was so emotional, and I kept thinking over and over again, how grateful I was for God’s divine protection.

At one point in his life, my dad was an amateur race car driver–crazy, I know!  This, of course, was terrifying to my mother.  When it came time to pick his driver number, together they decided on 91 after Psalm 91 which says:

He will cover you with his feathers.

    He will shelter you with his wings.

    His faithful promises are your armor and protection…

…If you make the Lord your refuge,

    if you make the Most High your shelter,


no evil will conquer you;

    no plague will come near your home.


For he will order his angels

    to protect you wherever you go.
Psalm 91:4, 9-11 (NLT)

As a crazy, distracted, 16-year-old driver (think Cher in Clueless…”Should I write them a note?”), my mom would often pray Psalm 91 for us in the morning when we walked out the door for school.  That, “God would give His angels charge over us, and keep us in all our ways.”  When Little B was born, a friend gave me that verse on a card, and I have held onto it and prayed that verse for him several times.  

I’m still a little shaken up when I get in a car, but I know that we’re not meant to live in fear.  Our God sees us, He loves us, and He is our faithful protector.  In Him we are covered, sheltered, and protected.  Ask Him to watch over you and protect you and be sure to thank Him for the sheltering and covering He provides to us each day.  

He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. 
Psalm 91:1 (NASB)