Lately, my sweet niece Lulu has started to call me on the phone.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love our little chats.  Last night she called when I was at my house, so we turned it into a video chat.  We talked, we sang, we ate cookies, and then we danced on our respective coffee tables with Justin Bieber and The VonTrapp family.  It was delightful.  Here’s a little screenshot I snapped.  Do you like her “make-up”?  She got into her red marker and went to town with her “lipstick.”  I’m telling you, I adore this child!

But not only is she a budding chef and cosmetologist-in-training, but she’s also an original song writer.  Check out this little tune below I like to call it “Praises to the Lord, ooohh, ooohh, ooohhh”:
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I mean, is that not the cutest?!  It made my heart soar!  In the Bible it talks about singing and making music in your heart and I just love that here, in the back of the car, three-year-old little Lulu is doing just that.

Let everything