Water soaked in strawberries–how easy is that?!
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On Monday, I wrote about some sound advice from Shauna Niequist on bringing people into our version of “happy chaos.”  Or as one of my favorite movie characters of all times, Cher Horowitz says, “At the end of the day, it was like, the more, the merrier!”

In response to Monday’s post, my Mom, who is SO wise, emailed me this in response:

When I read this I think of the Bible verse that says “Practice hospitality”. I can practice, that is doable.
Amazing that God knows we have to practice. Perfection is only a dream never a reality.
Isn’t that cool?!  I’ve read the verse she’s referring to, but never zeroed in on the word “practice.”
“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.  PRACTICE hospitality.”
Romans 12:13
We’re called to bring people in and be hospitable to them, but it doesn’t mean we need to have mastered or perfected the art of entertaining.
I think I tend to shy away from hospitality and hosting, because I feel like I fall SO short in this area.
But practicing?  That’s something I can do!


Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.
1 Peter 4:9

“It takes some time to learn, to try and fail and make a mess and try again.  It takes even longer to get truly comfortable…But it’s a lovely process, with not a minute wasted.  If you put in the time, the learning, the trying, the mess, and the failure, at the end you will have learned to feed yourself and the people you love, and that’s a skill for life–like tennis or piano but yummier and far less expensive.”

Shauna Niequiest, Bread & Wine


What about YOU?  Any simple tips on how to “practice” hospitality?  I need all the help I can get!  


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