Pitch Perfect

Bardon Bellas of Pitch Perfect

On Monday, I went with a friend to see Pitch Perfect–a new comedy starring Anna Kendrick about college a capella groups.  It was the first funny, cheesy, girl movie I’ve seen in a long time–needless to say, I loved every minute.

The most fun part about it was the musical arrangements that they feature.  And yes, in true Elizabeth fashion, I came home and downloaded several of their big numbers.  B had to cook dinner with me listening to all my new songs on repeat–he’s such a trooper!

Anyways, while I have no musical bone in my body, I appreciate good talent.  What I love about a capella is that you have multiple people playing their distinct roles, doing what they love, and making something beautiful.  You look at them and think, “Wow…this is what they were made for.”

I admit, I’m extra emotional these days, but as the “Bardon Bellas” joined together and worked their way towards nationals, I teared up several times during their journey because I loved that they didn’t give up and let go of their dream and they were doing what they were made to do.

Check out a little clip below when things finally start to “click” for the group:
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Isn’t that awesome?!  Granted, it may not be singing, but each one of us was made for a distinct purpose.  One that can glorify God and bless those around us.  If you know what that is, but aren’t quite there yet, don’t give up.

And if you’re still trying to figure out what exactly that may be, take heart and know that God isn’t giving up on you!  He has something perfect just for you.  Keep seeking Him and asking Him and eventually, He will reveal it to you!

I cry out to God Most High,

to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. 

Psalm 57:2, NLT


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