Good news: the baby held on a little longer and let me enjoy a FABULOUS Wahoo victory over #19 NC State 58-55.  It was one incredible game!

Alas, now that the game has come and gone, I’m well aware that I’m overdue.

Not that I’m all that surprised–I’m used to being overdue, after all, I arrived 17 days late into the world myself, so clearly my baby boy is in good company.

But beyond my grand entrance into the world, in life I’ve been overdue with library books, bills, thank you notes, and phone calls…even my refrigerator becomes overdue far too quickly on a regular basis, but the general rule in our house is this: if food is bad you’ll know, expiration dates are simply a guide (please, no judgment).

Yet, as I wait for the arrival of this baby to come (I mean, one way or another he has to come our eventually, right?!)  I’m reminded that sometimes waiting is just a part of life.

Sometimes, God whispers promises or visions to our hearts that take a little longer than we’d like to be fulfilled, but we can’t let discouragement set in.

When it comes to waiting on God, my all-time favorite verse is this:

                                                         Though it linger, wait for it; 
                                                                it will certainly come

    and will not delay.  
Habbakuk 2:3

If God has spoken something so clearly to your heart, even though it may take more waiting than you’d like, don’t give up.  Wait patiently upon the Lord, and eventually, He will bring it to pass.  

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” 
Luke 1:45 (NIV) 


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