One of my favorite little parts of life is an email chain I’m on with a few friends from college.  We ask each other all kinds of random questions like what meal we’re planning to cook this week, what’s our #1 played song on iTunes, the current book by our bed side table…and then into more serious things like prayer requests and what God is showing us.

This week, the questions were so well thought out and there was one question that I especially loved:

 What’s something that stirs your heart to love God more?  

Here are a few snippets….

People who are prayer warriors, parts of the Bible that are poetic, answered prayers, the promise of God’s nearness, seeing breakthrough in certain areas, watching my kids just be kids, seeing people respond graciously and mercifully in situations where natural reactions of bitterness, frustration, retaliation, etc are to be expected, seeing children worship God, the Psalms, seeing redemption work itself out in relationships…

It’s a great exercise that I definitely encouraged!

One answer took me by surprise, yet has since totally resonated with me is this: “Taylor Swift’s “Ours” (don’t know why).” 

I’m not sure why my friend listed “Ours” so I’m don’t want to put words in her mouth, but after reading her email, I listened to the song a few times.  There are some initial major pluseslike Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights co-starring in the video, and it’s a cute little ditty.

But after listening to it a few times, I love the idea that when life is hard, you feel overwhelmed, or maybe even attacked, God says, “Don’t worry…this love we have is “ours” and nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever shake that—you are not alone!”

That is a truth worth holding onto tightly and resting confidently in!

Here it is:
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So inquiring minds want to know, what’s something that stirs your heart to love God more?