Our Little Mountain Dog

Our Little Mountain Dog

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend, we went on a little hike.  It’s the same hike we do on any special anniversary (this time we were celebrating 5 years of dating), but this time we had a special guest: the newest addition to our family, our sweet dog Neely.

When we arrived at the trail, there was a sign we never noticed when we were a party of 2: “No Pets.”  We sat there and pondered our options: leave the dog in the car, or break the rule and bring her with us.  By then little Neely was SO excited and ready to goif we left her in the car, it would have been as if we had invited her to the most fabulous party of the year, only telling her after 30 seconds, that she had to go home.  It would break my heart.  Since the majority of the park allowed pets, and there was pretty much no one else hiking since it was 30 degrees, we decided to bring her with us.

As we started hiking, it was smooth sailing, until we hit the part that involved the scaling of rocks (there WAS a reason for the “no pet” policy), but little Neely scaled those rocks like a champ; she was totally channeling her inner mountain goat.

As we began our descent, it was a bit more of a challenge.  At one point, Neely looked down at a rock and stood shaking in fear, unwilling to go down.  Then, I watched as my sweet husband cradled her in his arms like a baby and carried her down to solid ground.  At that moment, I was so aware of God’s loving presence in our lives.

Often there are times where we’re at a crossroads, frozen in fear because we’re afraid to jump…but during those times, we can rest in the promise that we are not alone.  We’re not jumping off into nothing, we’re jumping off into the everlasting arms of God.  He is waiting to catch us and lead us to where He’s calling.  And when we really can’t muster the strength to jump, He scoops us in His arms, and carries us down the scariest parts.

We are incredibly loved. 

“He tends his flock like a shepherd:
   He gathers the lambs in his arm
 and carries them close to his heart.”
 Isaiah 40:11