From Ordinary to Extraordinary


Ever since I became a mom, I’m very conscious of not turning this into a “mommy blog,” but as a mom to two little ones (wow…that still sounds weird!), they continue to teach me SO much about life and faith–I can’t help but write about it!

So far, I’ve enjoyed each and every stage of babies and toddler-hood, but I have to say, as a freshly minted two-year-old, Little B is in a fun, crazy, wild stage that I’m just loving it.  He’s all about exploring, discovering, and pretending with pretty much everything he sees.

I’m blown away by the way he reinvents everyday objects into something grand.  A few recent examples:

Last week during breakfast, he took his piece of bacon and started talking on the phone to his “Papa.”

My oven mitt is now his baseball glove.

The monthly Amazon box with our diapers that arrived last night has already been repurposed into a rocket ship, a bear cave, and a drum set.

This morning, as I cleaned out the old boxes of diapers and wipes to make room for our new shipment, he lined them up and made a train before I had the chance to pack them down.

Diaper Train

A paper towel tube and some yellow construction paper has become his beloved tuba; old toilet paper rolls are binoculars, microphones and trumpets;  an old Birchbox and a few rubber bands makes a wicked guitar; and the sandwich case from his lunch box is affectionately known as his “quiet drum.”  (Make no mistake about it, there’s no such thing as a “quiet drum.”)

I’m telling you, life with this sweet boy is never boring!  One of his favorite expressions is, “Wow!  Look at that!”

Little B’s ability to see extraordinary potential out of the most every day items, and in many cases our literal trash, has been a much needed reminder for me of how God sees us.

Even when we feel worn out with nothing to offer, our God looks lovingly at us and whispers, “Wow!  Look at her!”

When we feel washed up, like we’re of no use to anyone, our God sees such potential.  He picks us up and whispers, “I see you.  I love you.  I have plans for you.  With me, your possibilities are endless!”

Our God is so masterful at taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary–just look at what He did with David and a few stones!  Make no mistake, you are no exception!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 
Jeremiah 29:11


“You are our Father.  We are the clay, and you are the potter.  We all are formed by your hand.”
Isaiah 64:8



  • Honey

    It is good to have you back! We missed you

  • Molly Rueger

    Oh Elizabeth……so true…..and how wise you are to receive that message and share it with us!