Oh Baby!



Baby Essentials

My Little Snugabunny Swing—this is the BEST babysitter for the first 1-6
months.  We borrowed one from a
friend, which I would definitely recommend if you can.  They are big and bulky. 
My Little Snugabunny Bouncer–I’d choose the swing over the bouncer, but this
is another great option, and it’s easier to cart around.
Little Sunabunny Rock ‘n Swing
—I wish I had one of these.  I was always borrowing
Katherine’s.  It folds up and is
really easily transported.  Great
for naps-on-the-go.
Bouncy Swing
Bumper Jumper
—This is definitely the best value for your money.  Around 5 months, it would keep Bear
entertained forever.  It’s sturdy
and has padding so it won’t mess up your walls.  There’s also a tray if you want to put puffs or cheerios on
Play Mat
and Play Piano Gym
—I can’t even tell you how wonderful this play mat
is.  We had Bear on it starting at
4 weeks, and he is still playing with the piano.  It’s a great play gym, then you can also turn the arch over
for tummy time practice.  Then,
when they can sit up, the piano moves up and they can play with it. 
Car Seat
Cosi Car Seat
—I love this car seat.
It’s a lot lighter than others and really easy to use.  Plus, I think it’s simpler and cuter than
a lot of the others.
Car Mirror
Baby Mirror
—this is a great car mirror for checking in on your baby in the
car.  It’s easy to set up and it’s
so much easier than turning around to see if they’re sleeping.  Plus, they can look at themselves and
keep themselves entertained.
Umbrella Stroller

Quest Stroller
—this is definitely pricey for an umbrella stroller, but
it folds all the way back, so you can even use it when they’re infants.  We keep it in the back of our car, so
it’s always ready to go.  It’s especially
helpful when flying.


—Once you learn how to use this, you will love it. Starting out when
Bear was born, I would snuggle him in this and I felt like I was pregnant
again.  I loved having him so close
and snuggled in.  It’s great early
on when he needs to take naps.
It’s also good when you need to multitask—I often had him napping in the
Moby while I worked.
BabyErgo—We also had the Baby Ergo, which I love!  B felt more comfortable using this one and I use it all the
time.  It’s a lot easier to put
them into this one, and you can wear it on the front or back.  They sell an infant insert, but I just
put some swaddle blankets in the bottom and it seemed to work well.

Jenny Lind Crib
I just love this crib.  Simple, but elegant, and really affordable.  The wheels are optional, so we just
didn’t put them on.

Soybean Foam Mattress
—For our crib mattress, I honestly just copied Cup of Jo’s blog for the
mattress rec and we haven’t been disappointed.



Mattress Pad


Baby Company Organic Waterproof Fitted Mattress Pad
—softy, sturdy, and does
a good job protecting the mattress.

Sheet Saver
Baby Organic Waterproof Sheet Saver
—if you get sick of changing sheets
every day, this does a great job saving your sheets.

Sleep Sacks 


Aden + Anais Sleep Sacks—I LOVE these sleep sacks.  They make two types—one is lighter
and one is a heavier
(and more expensive) one for the winter.
I’d invest in at least two of each. 
Swaddle Blankets
Aden+ Anais Swaddle Blanketsthese
were pretty much the only blankets I used for swaddling.  I had six and used them all regularly.
 Noise Maker
b Sleep Machine
—we use this for naps and bedtime.  It attaches to the crib and is really cute.  It does cut off after 22 or 45
minutes, so if you want constant noise, you may want to invest in
a more permanent one like this
Pack N’ Play
Bjorn Travel Crib
—we love this travel crib.  It’s easy to set up and folds up so it’s really compact for
traveling.  We also got two of
these portable
crib sheets
Baby Monitor
SummerInfant Video Monitor—there are SO many monitors out there.  This isn’t the one we have, but my
friend had this one, and I really liked it.  It seems people really like the Summer Infant monitors.
Breast Pump
Freestyle Breast Pump
this is the pump I wish I had.  If you plan to pump a lot, I recommend
investing in it.  Plus, there
should we a way for insurance to cover all/most of it.  It’s really quiet, so if you plan to
pump at work, it’s the best one.
Brown’s Bottles
these are great bottles.  They have a lot of pieces, but work well.  There are different nipple sizes, so be
sure when they get older, you upgrade to the size 2 or 3.  Also, these bottles fit with the Medela
pumps, which makes it really easy.
Sippy Cup
—great transitional cup as you head towards sippy cups.
Nursing Cover
Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover—if you plan on breast feeding, you definitely need to
invest in one of these.  They make
feeding on-the-go so much easier.
Drying Rack
Drying Rack
—this is great for storing a lot of bottles, etc without taking
up as much space on the countertop.
Munchkin Bottle Brush—perfect for cleaning bottles and there’s a little brush on the
bottom for cleaning nipples.

+ Anais Muslin Bibs
these are great little bibs for bottles, but once
you start solid food, I’d move to a water-proof bib.
+ Anais Burpy Bib
these are GREAT for feedings and double as bibs or
burp cloths.
Super Bib
cheap, easy, waterproof bibs with a pocket.  They have more color options, too!




Changing Pad
SummerInfant Changing pad—not sure what to stay.  It’s a pretty standard changing pad.
Changing Pad Cover Liner


Waterproof Changing Pad Liners
—these are SO helpful and keep the changing
pad clean.  Put it on top of your cover.





Diaper Pail

Dekor Plus
—this has been a sturdy diaper pail.  Once you figure out how it works, it’s really easy to change
out.  Always make sure you have
extra refills
on hand.
Diapers & Wipes

We pretty much went exclusively with Pampers
.  We started with Swaddlers Sensitive, then just went to Swaddlers,
because they were cheaper.  Through
Amazon Prime “Subscribe & Save” you can get 20% off one bulk order once a

If you want to splurge, We LOVED The Honest Company
diapers that we got for a gift, but they just weren’t in our budget for
year-round usage.  But for an
all-natural option, I was surprised at how absorbent they were, plus, they’re
super cute!
And speaking of The Honest Company, their
wipes can’t be beat!  I mean, they are AMAZING!  You typically only need one, even with the biggest mess.  I buy them
whenever I see a sale or promotion, but again, they’re hard to justify at their
price.  So our more budget-friendly
option is Huggies
Natural Care Fragrance Free.
 Again, with “Subscribe & Save” you can get 20% off once a

Years Infant to Toddler Tub
—this tub is the best!  It comes with a sling that makes it really easy to bathe a
newborn, especially when you are trying to protect their umbilical cord (not
supposed to get it wet).  It fits
easily in a sink, but also works well in a tub.  When they get bigger, you turn them around and they can sit
in it.  Bear stayed in it until he
was big enough to move into the big tub.
Spout Protector
Spout Protector
—this is a fun way to make sure you don’t bang your baby’s
head on the faucet.
Knee Pad
—a cute way to protect your knees when you’re giving a bath.
Bath Toy
bath toy
—I love these because they double as toys and cups for rinsing out
shampoo.  As they get older,
they’re great for stacking and pouring water—both great early childhood activities!!
Foaming Shampoo
—this foaming shampoo is perfect for newborns.  It goes on so and rinses off so easily
and it smells amazing! 
I’m pretty much obsessed with all Mustela products:
Rectal Thermometer
—they say a rectal thermometer is the best way to get an
accurate temperature for a baby.
After you do it once, it’s not so bad.  We’ve liked this basic thermometer.  It’s always gotten the job done.
Fingernail clippers
NailScissors—I love these nail scissors.
The traditional fingernail clippers freaked me out.  So far, we haven’t had any problems
with these little scissors.
BoogieWipes—yes, the name is gross, but these are great for crusty, winter
noses.  I like the unscented
version.  You can buy in bulk on
Amazon, or Target has a good price, too.
Brush & Comb Set
Originals Peek-A-Boo Comb & Brush Set
—I don’t think you need anything this fancy, but after
reading reviews, this is what we picked.
We’ve really liked it.  It’s
soft and gentle on Bear’s little head.
helpful when starting our breastfeeding.
are reusable gel pads to help make things more comfortable when you start out nursing.  I only used them for a few days, but was SO glad I had them.
NursingPads—I bought a big box of nursing pads that I used pretty much every day
for the first 4-6 months.  There is
nothing worse than public leakage.
Trust me.
Nursing tanks
Nursing Tanks
—I pretty much lived in these nursing tanks in the
beginning.  They are so
comfortable.  In the beginning,
they may be a little on the tighter side with your post-partum belly, so you
may want to order a bigger size.