Not Weary

With a few exceptions, I tend to tire of things pretty easilyI buy supplies for projects I don’t even begin, I read books I never finish, I dabble in hobbies I never fully develop (in fifth grade I played the flute for two weeks before kicking it to the curb), and that fabulous top I just “had to have” doesn’t look so fabulous six months down the road.   I get tired of it, and I move on. 

Clearly I have more than one issue here we could delve into regarding my personality flaws, but not today, I’m already tired of that!

I linked to this fabulous post by Nina Simone on Friday, but the Truth she brought to light for me has continued to resonate and strengthen my heart.  In a MUCH more eloquent and beautiful way (beyond silly hobbies) she depicts her own weariness and contrasts it with a God who “does not grow weary of us.”

In spite of my tired, weary, fickle heart, my God does not grow weary of me.  In the midst of my abundant failings and shortcomings, my God does not grow weary of me.  Even though I (and most likely everyone around me) grow weary of me, my God does not.  Even when I’m loud and annoying, or an emotional wreck, my God does not grow weary and He does not move on from me.  What a faithful, eternal companion we have in our loving God!

“Each morning, as I rise, carrying my own weariness into another day…my assumed and asserted hope is in a God who has new mercies for me. And He does.

Yet,  I often live like someone teetering on the brink of despair…standing at the Weariness Cliff, from which I often fall…

God does not stand at this cliff. And I am so grateful.

God does not grow weary…of me.

And so I repeat the truth over and over to myself. Often out loud…my newest mantra allows me to discover the Miracle of Grace all over again…a Miracle with  enough power to  strengthen me to start living my life with generosity, and loving my people boundlessly, and getting my recycling on the curb without causing a scene.”

Read Nina’s full post here and for more of Nina’s fabulous, encouraging insights, check out her blog.