Iowa corn field via Pinterest

There’s nothing like 14-hours in the car over the course of a weekend to remind a girl of the value and importance of music.  I tell you, if you’ve never driven through the corn fields of Iowa, listening to Keith Urban, you are missing out!  I love the way music can help set the pace–whether you’re running, driving in the car, cooking, or having a dance party.

I also love a good worship song, especially in the morning.  For me, it helps shape and set the tone for my day.  Currently, I’m LOVING the song “God I Look To You” by Jenn Johnson.  You can listen to it below:
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Also, if you’re in the market for a new worship CD, Hillsong’s newest album, Cornerstone, is just $3.99 on Amazon!  It downloads right to your iTunes!  Get it here.


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