Meg The Graduate!

Happy Monday!  This past weekend was big…HUGE.  Not only was it Mother’s Day, but Long to Love’s very own, Margaret Pittman Kelsey graduated from law school!!

Ever since I was born and Meg was a wiser, more mature five months older than me, Meg has always been my hero.  As little girls, she was always the fun, adventurous one.  Growing up with two brothers, she could effortlessly fit in with the cute boys and I envied her ease and natural ability to win hearts wherever she went.

Then in middle school and high school, not only was Meg a budding soccer star and an A++ student, but she ran everything.  From a young age, she was always a natural leader.

Once in college, I couldn’t believe that MY best friend went on to be the captain of Penn’s soccer team (my other friends couldn’t believe it either).

Life then carried her to Argentina and not only was she an amazing teacher, but she also became a professional soccer player.  No. Big. Deal.

And now, here’s my little Meg all grown up with her very own JD.

But, what continually amazes me about Meg is that through everything–ballet, soccer middle school dances, student council, school, and being a professional athlete on the side–Meg has always stayed anchored and grounded in her faith.  With every ball she balances, the one in the center, which everything else revolves around, has always been her God.  Never has she ever been too busy to get on her knees and give praise to the One who makes everything else possible.  And it’s her humility and her faith that allows her to receive accolades such as this:

Congratulations, sweet Meg!!  Thanks for being my slightly older and wiser friend who I will always look up to and aspire to resemble!