Meet Virginia!



Hi Friends!  Well, what a difference a week makes!  One week ago today, at 5:30 a.m., our little family of three became a family of four as we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world.

I’m not early for anything, so I was slightly taken aback, when Baby Girl decided to start making her way into the world Tuesday night at midnight.  Feeling like I knew what was happening, I was up all night…sending last-minute work emails, ordering birthday presents, cleaning my house, packing our hospital bags, and folding laundry.


Here’s a picture I sent to one of my best friends around 3:30 a.m. letting her know baby girl was coming and I was folding laundry to get ready.  What can I say, it was late and I was lonely:

photo (59)


My mom came over around 6 a.m. so B and I could head to the hospital.  My contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and we figured this was it:

photo (60)

We even made a quick trip to Chik-Fil-A for a biscuit on the way, because PRIORITIES.

photo (61)

When we got there, I thought it would just be a matter of minutes before I could get some pain meds, take a nap, and sleep until baby girl was ready to come.  The problem?  As soon as I got there, my contractions stopped.  Apparently there’s “early labor” and “active labor” and clearly since I had time to do some online shopping, take pictures, and go to Chik-Fil-A, I was not in active labor…

The Dr. told me to walk outside for an hour to try to get things going.  “In my gown?!” I asked.  “Sure,” she said.

So there I was, 39.5 weeks preggo, walking around outside the hospital in my gown and flip flops for all the world to see, praying I didn’t see anyone that I knew.  Am I sexy, or what?!


photo (62)

Eventually, the contractions completely stopped, so we packed up, went to lunch, and then to my home away from home–TJ Maxx–to find a trashcan for our guest room, where I proceeded to have contractions every ten minutes.  Never thought I’d be having contractions at the Maxx, but there’s a first for everything!  If that doesn’t make me a true Maxxinista, I don’t know what does!

We got home and still no action, so I slept, watched a ton of Law & Order SVU, and then we took a 2 mile family walk.  After dinner, we put Little B to bed and continued to wait.

photo (63)

(Little B found my Peyton Manning T-shirt in the laundry and insisted on wearing it to bed.)


A little while later, B drove Little B to my parents to stay the night, “just in case.”  Now, here’s where things pick up…

I talked to my friend Josie that afternoon and she was SO helpful to encourage me through the “early labor” stage.  (When it comes to labor, she’s a PRO!)  She also sent me some exercises to help speed things along.  When my boys left, I decided to try out the exercises she sent me.  Y’all, I’m not even kidding, within four minutes of doing my pathetic attempt at this…



…I quickly moved from early labor to active labor.

B came home ten minutes later to find me lying on the coach, yelling in pain.  We got in the car as fast as we could.  Let’s just say there were no pictures or stops at Chik-Fil-A this time.  I even asked B if we could call the hospital and pre-order the epidural so they’d be ready for me.  (I now began to understand why no one took me seriously that morning with my “early labor.”)

I was rushed into labor and delivery where there were three nurses who asked me all kinds of questions.  My only question: Where. Is. My. Epidural?!

Finally, after two hours, Prince Charming arrived with his needles, tubes, and medicine and made everything right in the world, once again.  B and I have a mutual appreciation for Mr. Epidural, because until he comes, I can’t even talk to B, forcing him into a corner to sit in complete silence until the meds kick in.  Once that happens, he’s welcome back to the party and his wife is happy, once again.

So we rested, slept, and waited for Baby Girl to do her thing.  I slept a little, but went in and out of sleeping, praying, and waiting.  It was a peaceful and special time, getting ready to meet this baby girl.  My delivery was much less stressful than with Little B and I was so grateful.  The doctor came at just the right time and got Baby Girl out in no time at all.  I went from 2.5 hours of pushing with Little B to 15 minutes of pushing with number 2–“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!”

And just like that, she was here!  She let out a commanding cry that let me know she was mine and she’s never looked back!

One thing we did not expect after meeting her was that none of the names on our short list seemed to fit her, not one single name.  We quickly ruled most of our front runners out and got to know “Baby Girl, Williams.”

Our doctor (who was amazing!) casually mentioned the name Virginia, which was her mother’s name.  Little did she know, Virginia has always been our #1 girls’ name, but we didn’t even consider it this pregnancy, because two of our friends both have Virginias and we wanted to be “different”.  Still, I tucked it away for the great naming summit that occurred that afternoon.

That afternoon, no name was off the table–we threw out all new names for our little girl including Caroline, Abigail, Charlotte, Elizabeth…I even tried to throw Lorelai back into the mix, I had B write sample monograms on the nurse’s white board to see what worked, but we still couldn’t shake Virginia.

In addition to praying about it, we eased into the decision by calling her Virginia from 12:00-1:00 p.m. to see if it would “stick” and little by little, it was the only name that worked for her.  We decided to sleep on it to be sure and Friday morning, at 9:06 a.m., “Baby Girl, Williams” was officially declared Virginia Robertson Williams!  (Just 25 minutes before the birth certificate lady appeared!)  I’m glad we took the time to wait, pray, and get to know her while we settled on the perfect name.  One sister accused me of being overly dramatic (who, me?), but we truly had no clue what to name her…

Friends, meet Virginia Robertson Williams, weighing in at 7 lbs, 12 oz and measuring just 19 inches.  We are in BIG love with our little girl:

photo (65)



photo (64)



So far, she has been an angel  baby, sleeping long stretches, eating, and being ridiculously cute.  It’s amazing how delicate and feminine a baby girl can be at just one week.


photo (67)

photo (66)

As you can imagine, her big brother is her number one fan.  Here is one of my most favorite pictures from the week.  I was SO anxious about how Bear would do meeting “baby sister” and when he walked in, he actually cried tears of joy, which I didn’t know was possible for a 21-month-old.  So, of course, mommy started crying too…



 …and eventually Sweet Virginia shed some tears, too, though I’m not sure hers were tears of joy..




B took the most amazing video of Bear meeting Virginia, which I will always cherish.  Take a look:

(As you can see, he’s already looking out for baby sister, making sure she arrived with all of her body parts are in tact!)

Life with two is full, but we are loving it!  Here’s our attempt at a family photo, while Little B tried to “share” his chicken nugget with baby sister:


We feel unbelievable blessed and incredibly grateful to God for this precious gift.  Even in my tired, sleep deprived, new found version of “Happy Chaos”, I find myself pausing, closing my eyes, and whispering, “Thanks be to God, for this indescribable gift…” (2 Corinthians 9:17)


  • Mary Elizabeth Stone

    This is so beautiful. So beautiful. I just love this entire story. What a gift! She is precious and I’m crying with joy along with you and Bear! 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thanks, sweet friend!! LOVE YOU!

  • Sallie

    Virginia is perfect and Bear is precious!!! I love your sweet family 🙂

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      We LOVE you! Can’t wait for your to meet her!! xoxo

  • Allene

    Such a sweet birth story and such a cute baby girl! So happy for you!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thank you, Allene!! SO good to hear from you!! xoxo

  • Cindee Cook Riordan

    This post made my day!!! My labor began at Nordstrom’s because the Maxx was too far away!! So happy to see Virginia at Bible Study this morning … never to early to start!!!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      haha, that’s amazing! just one more reason why we’re BFFs!! because, why not go shopping when you’re trying to instigate labor?

  • Cindy Finley

    So incredibly beautiful! And she is definitely a Virginia. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      haha, thank you, Cindy! So glad you agree!!

  • Josie Ortega

    LOVE the family pic!! You look awesome!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thanks, Josie!! And THANK YOU for helping to get Baby Sister out!! xoxo

  • Caroline Worf

    Congratulations! I love her name!

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thank you, Caroline!!


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