Mary Had A Little Lamb

Settling into a new place can always be tough.  Not only do you need to make new friends and attempt to settle into a new community, but you also have to research and discover the best of the best–the best restaurants, doctors, salons, and even dog groomers.

Neely was long overdue for a new do, so I called around, read some reviews and thought I had found the perfect place.  My first warning sign was when I arrived at said address and there was nothing there.  I called the groomer and learned that I was still fifteen minutes away.  In a trip that was supposed to take ten minutes, 40 minutes later, I finally found it.

Warning sign number 2 was that is wasn’t called “Precious Paws” as I thought, but rather “Wizard of Paws” (get it?)  I walked in and asked if I was in the right place and they said, “yes, we’ve been waiting for you.”

I introduced them to our little pup Neely and gave them specific instructions as to how to groom her.  She’s an Irish Water Spaniel, not a poodle, so we like to make sure they know how to take care of her.  Many times, Neely has come out fluffy and full, and not quite sure what to make of her new do.

Warning sign number 3 was when Neely, my sweet, friendly dog, was pulling away trying to run for the hills and not wanting to go behind the gate.  I’m sure that’s a common response, but not one I’ve ever seen from Neely.

I coaxed her behind the wall and left her helpless and fully susceptible to the hands of the “Wizard of Paws.”

As I got into my car, feeling slightly guilty, I was extremely worried that I had just made a huge mistake.

Nearly two hours later, it was time to pick up Neely.  I walked in and before I even saw Neely, I saw a mountainous pile of black hair in the corner.  “Oh no,” I thought.  Then all of a sudden, bounding out of a cage came my sweet little dog, completely shaved.

Ya’ll, I walked in with an Irish Water Spaniel, and I walked out with a baby lamb.

My sweet little fur ball, in just one day, went from this:

Snuggled up near me while I work

To this:

Bernie joked later that we should have kept her hair to make a sweater.  They even shaved her ears!!

The warning signs were all there: we should have steered clear of The Wizard and left Neely’s paws to someone else’s care, but by the time I finally got there, I was tired, frustrated, and desperate, so I just went with it.  Big Mistake.

Sometimes in life, I think God tries to warn us about certain situations through His Holy Spirit by giving us a yellow or red flag.  Things that might give us a check in our spirits that we’re walking into a danger zone–be it a certain relationship, a business agreement, a big purchase, or even a new move.

When that happens, are our eyes opened and ears clear to be able to see and heed His warnings?  I’ll be honest, usually, I’m much too distracted and trying to make things happen, to be bothered about waiting and listening to God’s warnings.  But if you pray and look around, you’ll find that He’s quick to send signs and checks to help us navigate little and big situations.

So what can we do?  Pray and ask God to help us discern what’s what in certain situations.  Ask Him to lead and guide us throughout our days and protect us from evil.  Be alert and looking to see where and how God might be speaking to you.

I realize my illustration above is about my dog, and no, I don’t think this was a spiritual example, but similar to the Holy Spirit, had I listened to my dog when she begged and pleaded not to go in, she would have been protected. Instead, I was too busy to be bothered and start over, so Neely was sent to the chopping block.

When it comes to the BIG stuff, and even the little stuff, I don’t want to be too busy to be bothered to pay attention to God’s warnings.  Rather, I want to be tapped in, ready to go, and willing to move according to His promptings.

And this is my prayer: that your love A)’>and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around C)’>looking for someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8