Loving To Trust

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Do not be like the horse of the mule, which have understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you. Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him.” Psalm 32:8-10

I’m no expert on marriage, but one thing I’ve heard over and over again is a critical component is trust. Part of a love relationship with anyone is being able to fully trust the other person to take care of you, support you, and look out for you.

I love the analogy of the horse and the mule provided in Psalm 32—can’t you just picture a stubborn mule running all around refusing to be guided? There are so many times in my life when I feel like I’m running in a million different directions and refuse to surrender—I’m too scared to trust and believe that God truly does have a plan for me. (Even as I’m proofreading this entry, I’m reminded of something this morning where I’m not trusting that God has a plan. I want total control and am having a hard time letting go.)

I went to a women’s retreat this weekend and one thing the speaker said that really stuck out to me is that “God’s love is so consuming, He can only have our best interest in mind. Therefore, we have no reason to fear.”

We have no reason to fear and every reason to trust. The more we love someone, the more we want to know them, and the more we know them, the easier it is to trust them. As we continue to fall more in love with the Lord, I pray that we will begin to trust wholeheartedly in His abundant provisions. Psalm 32 says that He will instruct, teach, counsel, and watch over us and when we’re trusting in Him, he will surround us with His unfailing love. May we continue to rest and trust in His abundant provisions!

Lord, I thank you for your all consuming love. I thank you for the way that we can rest in the fact that you are a God who teaches, counsels, instructs, and watches over us. As I read that, I wonder why I ever have trouble trusting you. I’m sorry for the way that I can be stubborn and not surrender everything to you. Lord, I pray for a heart that desires to trust in you completely and acknowledge you in all that I do. Thank you that your word says when I’m trusting in you, you will make my path straight (Proverbs 3:5-6) Lord, I love you! I pray that I will continue to fall more in love with you each day.