Loving God No Matter What

John Stone

Today, as I think about love, I’m reminded of a post a wrote nearly a year and a half ago about the Stone Family.  In it, I referenced something Mary Elizabeth wrote on her blog that continues to stay with me.  In the midst of her pain and suffering Mary Elizabeth wrote, “Pray we will love God simply for who He is rather than idolizing what He is able to do or what He does not seem to be doing.”

I just love the heart behind those words.  Pray we will love God simply for who He is.  It’s so easy to overlook that, especially when the pain and difficulties of this world can so easily overshadow it.

Through a journey filled with mountains and valleys, God has brought the Stone family so far.  This week will mark John’s one year anniversary of seizure freedom!  Last night, Mary Elizabeth posted a call to prayer on her blog.  I definitely encourage everyone to check it out.  God continues to move mightily, but they still need out prayers.  Will you join us in covering John and the Stone family in prayer this week? 

Below is the original post I wrote on April 16, 2009

A lot of your know our friends Mary Elizabeth and Meade Stone. Nearly a year ago, they found out they were pregnant with twins. After a very long pregnancy, including nearly six months of bed rest, their beautiful boys, John and Warren were born on January 21st. Two days later, both boys began having seizures and the doctors were unsure what was happening.

Sadly, three and a half weeks later, precious Warren went to be with the Lord and was welcomed into heaven with open arms. At Warren’s memorial service, I was blown away by the incredible presence of the Lord, and the unwavering faith shown by his dedicated parents. In the midst of their extreme hardship, they were able to turn their eyes to Jesus and look to Him for the healing, peace, and comfort they desperately needed. On my drive back to Washington, I spent some quality time with my friend Anna Kate debriefing and discussing how unbelievably powerful Warren’s service was. I told her, I just kept sitting there thinking, “I need more of Jesus. Not only do I need more of Him, I so desperately want more of Him in my life.”

Their lives will never be the same they still ache for the loss of the son, but even though it was short, Warren’s life had incredible weight and eternal significance. During that service, hearts were drawn to the Lord in an indescribable way and God used Warren’s life to touch the lives of everyone there. Warren was made for eternity.

Currently, Mary Elizabeth and Meade continue to fight for their sweet John and continue to pray for a miracle. Mary Elizabeth has been so eloquently depicting this journey since the birth of her boys with powerful, Spirit filled updates. The Monday after Easter Sunday, she wrote an entry that moved me to tears. I can’t begin to do it justice, so I encourage you to visit it here. One of the lines that struck me was, “Pray we will love God simply for who He is rather than idolizing what He is able to do or what He does not seem to be doing. “

I couldn’t believe it. This aching mother’s heart was asking for prayers to simply love God for who He is. No matter what happens. In the midst of the grief, hardship, and despair, she wants them to love God. I can’t begin to imagine, but I’m once again reminded of the importance of loving our Father. Even when we don’t understand, we’re angry, discouraged, and upset, He is still worthy of our love and we have the ability to put our hope in Him.

On Wednesday, they posted a positive update, which is such a praise! Still, even though things are looking up for John, we can’t stop praying! They are fighting a spiritual battle and they need our prayers.

The Stone Family Easter Sunday

During this Easter, I was reminded again of the incredible HOPE that we have in Christ. At the end of each service at my church, we say together a Kenyan prayer:

“All of our problems, we send to the cross of Christ;
all of the our difficulties, we send to the cross of Christ;
all of the devil’s works, we send to the cross of Christ;
and all of our hopes, we set on the risen Christ

Alleluia, The Lord is Risen! He has conquered death and we are now are free to send our problems, difficulties, and the devil’s works directly to the cross, and place ALL of our hope on the Risen Christ!”

“And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God…And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured our his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.” Romans 5:2,5

There is so much about life that I don’t understand. In the midst of all of the pain, unknown, and uncertainty, God is faithful to fulfill His promises and even when it’s hard to see, we can’t stop believing in Him. There is incredible Hope in the resurrection of our Savior. Even when we don’t know how, or why, He is worthy of our love. It’s okay if we don’t always feel it, but we need to pour out our hearts to Him and tell Him. No matter what are emotions may be, at the end of the day, God is faithful and even when we’re suffering, He loves us unconditionally.

I know I have a long way to go. Oh, how I desperately desire a heart that longs to love our Father more and more no matter what the surrounding circumstances may be.

Jesus, even when I don’t understand, It’s truly all about You. Give me a heart that daily longs for more and more of You. Despite my circumstances, I deeply desire to love you.


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