Live to Love

Before I start today, I want to ask for your prayers for Eliza Joy, Russell, and baby Hannah Capps.  Take a minute to read their story here and let’s be covering the these new parents and their precious daughter in prayer.   

This weekend was quite a weekend…it feels like it’s been a marathon sprint. I started off Friday with a lively debate featuring James Carville and Harold Ford Jr. vs. Charles Krauthhammer and Laura Ingraham.  It was quite the party.  I even found a diplomat compelling enough to bring me over to the other side, which is quite the accomplishment.

Saturday kicked off with our 10k race (more to come) and I actually finished!  Praise the Lord!  Then, we headed straight to Richmond for a wedding, and rounded out the weekend in DC for a going away party for my sister-in-law (she’s amazing and is moving to Afghanistan).  It was a great weekend, but I’m a bit tired.

As I reflect on all of the events, my heart continues to focus on the wedding between Jen and Lide.  Those of you who know them know they’re quite the power couple.  You can’t meet one of them without instantly falling in love, so I knew their wedding would be fabulous!

The thing that has stayed with me is how wonderful their ceremony was.  I cried the usual amount…when Jen and Lide saw each other as they walked down the aisle and when they said their vows.   I didn’t expect, however, to find myself crying towards the end of the wedding.

After their vows, Jen and Lide decided to close the ceremony with a 3 song worship set, because more than the dress, the pictures, the flowers, and the party, these newlyweds wanted their love and adoration for the Lord to trump everything else.  I love how their first official act as husband and wife was standing up together in front of all their friends and family singing about who God is, how they love Him, and how worthy He is of all of our praise.

It was amazing.

The tears began to flow in the middle of song number 2, a Hillsong song called “Til I See You” the chorus sings:

“I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise
I will live a child in awe of You”
I love how just minutes after saying their vows, that was the cry of their hearts.  What a prayer! 

So today, as I continue to recover from a busy weekend and start to think about my life and responsibilities this week, that is my heart’s desire.  As I move about from here to there, my prayer is that I will live to love God; bring Him praise; and just like a little child, stand in awe of our amazing God! 

Here is the song: