Linking Up To Mary

Today I get to introduce you to a friend who is exceedingly cooler than I could ever dream of being.  She even biked across the country last year.  Plus, she can pull off any look with incredible ease, be it savvy cyclist, prepster, country girl, hobo chic, world class fashionista, or a totally successful, put together, hard working woman in heels ready to take over the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I’m pretty sure she even has the perfect blogging outfit!

Cute clothes aside, Mary Pendleton Stafford deeply loves the Lord, and exudes a contagious faith and desire for more of God to those around her without even trying.  Yesterday she wrote a post on Lent that I immediately wanted to share.  She was kind of enough so say I could, so without further ado, hop on over to Mary Goes Round and enjoy.   

Here’s a little preview.  She includes a passage written on Lent by some Irish Jesuits that describe Lent as, an opportunity to return to God and, with him, to take a look at both the sunny and the dark sides of my life, my world, and my inner self. To take a look, acknowledge what is there, and accept the fact that it is there. Only when I can look at my whole life in the light of God’s love will I be in a position to tackle its darker side.”