It’s Here…

Advent Wreath via Pinterest

…Advent!  The season of waiting and preparing.  The season our hearts want so badly to focus on and spiritually prepare for, but the season where we constantly struggle between being pulled from the “reason of the season” and the massive to-do list of decorations, gifts, parties, and travel.

It’s no secret–I love Christmas.  Who doesn’t?!  One thing my family has passed down to me is the importance of traditions.  And now, in my own little family, there are certain things we MUST to each year to ensure our Christmas traditions, old and new, are carried through to perfection:

  • Light the Christmas candle that’s only allowed to be burned from the Friday after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.  
  • Like the candle, Christmas music may commence immediately following Thanksgiving.  No sooner and no later.
  • When decorating the tree, hang all the angels at the top.
  • Hold our own “family Christmas” where we celebrate and exchange gifts just the two of us and then feast on a delicious breakfast–I definitely recommend it; especially for newlyweds!
  • And speaking of food, there are certain things that MUST be consumed within the next 25 days including: ginger snaps and peppermint ice cream (which I shared with you Friday), gouda cheese with ginger snap cookies, the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, my dad’s cheese souffle, Meg’s family’s Christmas toffee, and my grandmother’s delicious seasoned pecans–yummy!!  

If we were to all sit down over coffee or a glass of wine, I’m sure we all have our own Christmas traditions that we clench tightly.  But if there’s one we refuse to waver on, let it be making a point this month to slow down and find some time to connect with Jesus.  At the end of the day, that’s really the only tradition that matters. 

And here’s what’s SO cool about that–each year our little traditions stay the same from year-to-year–the food, decorations, events, BUT spiritually, even when we think we have the whole “baby Jesus” thing covered, each year, God has something new for us to discover. 

His word remains the same from year to year, but His promises and truths are so dynamic, that each year during Advent, there’s something new for us to discover.  Something that can be just for us. 

So my prayer for each of us this month is that we don’t just add the Advent wreath and calendar to our list of classic traditions and simply go through the motions.  My prayer is that starting today, each one of us enters Advent with a willing heart and with open eyes–ready to experience Advent in fresh, new, and exciting ways.  And see what God might have in store just for us this year.

The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light…
Isaiah 9:2