It’s Complicated

It’s no secret that I love a good chick flick.  In one of my all-time favorites, The Holiday, Cameron Diaz’s character looks at Jude Law’s character and says, “I’m just not sure I can handle complicated right now.”

Later, she kicks herself for saying that to him, because let’s be realistic, smart, single, attractive men don’t grow on trees.  Especially ones with British accents who look this handsome:  

“I’m just not sure I can handle complicated right now.”

Yes, she’s talking about relationships, but really, in life, when is anyone actively looking to handle complicated?!

We might not be looking for complicated, but it’s amazing, how quickly we can cultivate it.  I’m in a season of life of traveling, events, and life changes that is far from simple.  We have been out of town every weekend since April 27th.  My heart is longing for simple.

Last night for dinner, we simplified–we picked up fresh pasta and tomato sauce from Whole Foods, threw in a baguette, tossed an arugula salad and we were good to go!  Simple, but SO delicious!

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes, something as easy as figuring out dinner can be as complicated as determining the seating chart for a 300 person wedding.  I make it so much more difficult than it needs to be.  When often, the most basic meals are the best.

Why not simplify?

In a world of never ending to-do lists, I think we could all use a little simplicity.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post for Changing Seasons on simplifying.  Here is just a snippet:

My desire for 2010 is to apply this small word to my surroundings, schedule, relationships, emotions, and faith. One word with multiple implications—pretty simple, huh?

SIMPLIFY my home and remove clutter so that every object in this tiny space has a proper place.

SIMPLIFY my schedule and allow time to be still—brief moments throughout the week without cell phones, e-mail, people, and background noise.

SIMPLIFY my relationships and focus on quality, rather than quantity.

SIMPLIFY my desires and meditate on what IS instead of becoming frustrated with what isn’t, or what is yet to be.

SIMPLIFY my faith and simply seek to know God rather than obsess about my failures and what I should be doing.

Admittedly, the very act of trying to simplify can seem a bit complicated  but I supposed you have to start somewhere?  Is there one area in your life that’s more chaotic than it needs to be?  Why not keep it simple and start there?!