It Really Is All About Love Part 1

We have heard it a million times to the point that it has almost become cliche.  We say that it’s all about love and yet we still act as if a relationship with Jesus is about what we do and don’t do and as a result, the Church (capital C) is mostly either bored or burnt out.

“I never knew you.”  It is this simple phrase that God has used to pierce my heart again and again these past few weeks.  Jesus says it twice in the gospels.  The first time, He says it to those who claimed to prophesy in His name, to those who cast out demons in His name, and to those who performed signs and wonders in His name (Matthew 7).  He then says it again to those who claimed to eat and drink in His presence (Luke 13).  And His response is basically the same, “I never knew you;  Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.”

I was caught off guard by the audacity of Jesus in His responses and my heart was stirred to want to be one who He knows.  The Bible says that God knows the number of hairs on our head so how could Jesus say, “I never knew you”.  There must be something going on under the surface.  It has to be all about love.  We know the passage, “Love is patient.  Love is kind…”  Yet the verses before it say that we can have faith to move a mountain and we can give everything away to the poor and we can even give our own bodies up unto death, and yet if we have not love, we are nothing.

Oh Lord, how then can we love You?  How high of a standard have You set for us?  I want to be one who really knows You and who doesn’t just know about You.  I want to be one who really loves You and who doesn’t just talk about loving You.  But how can we know You and love You if You don’t draw us to Yourself, first?  So my prayer is that You would reveal the depths of Your love for me today, that I would know Your love that passes understanding.

Part 2