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Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a great weekend!  Today, we have a little something different: a video!  Two weeks ago, Melanie Shankle came to Virginia Beach to speak at Changing Seasons on her newest book, The Antelope In The Living Room: The Real Story of Two People Sharing One Life.  Before she spoke, I asked her if she’d sit down for a mini-interview and she graciously agreed.  So, I hauled my camera into her hotel room and we made a quick video.

Quick Disclaimer: I am so NOT tech savvy.  I apologize in advance for the awkward set-up in which I look like a giant towering over Melanie, the orangey lighting, the hotel heater noise in the background, and my awkward glances at the camera to make sure it was still on.  BUT hopefully that won’t distract you from what Melanie had to say.  She had some FABULOUS insights on marriage.  Here are a few little gems:

“Sometimes the best part of staying married is being glad later that you did…there are rewards to sticking with it in the long haul and being able to look back and go, “I’m so glad that we fought through that hard year, or that hard season, because the reward is that now we’re on this side of it, and we’re still together.”

“Marriage is great, but marriage doesn’t complete you.”

“Marriage is hard enough with the right person, you certainly don’t want to do it with somebody that is the wrong person.”

Watch the video below:

Thank you, Melanie!!  Order your copy of The Antelope In The Living Room here.

Melanie also has a great book on motherhood, Sparkly Green Earrings.  Order it here.




  • Anne

    OMG cannot wait to watch this. I am a Melanie fanatic! Thanks for posting.

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Of course!! Isn’t she the BEST?! xoxo

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