I Spy With My Little Eye…

“My ears had heard of you
       but now my eyes have seen you.”
Job 42:5 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the extent to which we see God on a daily basis.

Since then, I have tried to pray daily for eyes to see God and I have been encouraged and amazed to find that when I’m actively looking for Him, He shows up.  It may be in unexpected or nontraditional ways, but big ways and small ways, He’s there.  

I have seen Him open my eyes to a verse in the Bible that I needed to hear or repeatedly lead me to encouragement on trusting Him when I thought I had learned enough.  I saw Him through a friend’s encouragement when I felt completely overwhelmed and through finding a guest post in my e-mail when I had no time to blog.  I saw Him at dinner last night with three amazing women that challenged me, encouraged me, and left me longing for more of God.   

I’ve also seen Him through the beauty of His design and creationa 4-year-old girl in church singing worship with her mom, the serenity of the sunrise while driving to a meeting at 6 in the morning, and the simple beauty of freshly cut flowers.

It’s amazing when your eyes are set on seeing Him, how many different ways He’s capable of showing up. It’s not that these things wouldn’t have happened without praying, but I’m learning as I pray and train my eyes to look for God daily, He gets a lot more credit.  And ultimately, isn’t He worthy of all the credit anyways? 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28

So tell us, where have you seen God lately?