I Believe In Miracles

Photo from the AP

See this picture?  This is the aftermath following the F-18 jet crash in Virginia Beach on Good Friday, just a few miles from my parents’ house.  This catastrophic crash destroyed about 40 apartment buildings, but, amazingly enough, there was not one fatality.  Not one.

One man walked to his bathroom seconds before to change his contacts, some of the elderly residents would have normally been home, but were at church for Good Friday services, and it seems each resident has their own miraculous story of what could have been.

The fact that no one died is truly miraculous and has been heralded as a miracle by our governor, our mayor, and the head of the US Force Fleet Command.

Today, we thank all those who so courageously served one another in a moment of need, and we thank God for this Easter miracle.”
-Governor Bob McDonnell

That every person involved in that incident – the pilots, the residents, the first-responders – can wake up to this glorious day that God has made and hug their loved ones – that is truly miraculous.
-Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms

I don’t speak for anybody’s religious beliefs, but the mayor and I both agreed that if you want to define a miracle, what happened here yesterday meets that definition for me.
-Admiral John Harvey

The story has even inspired articles in the media detailing the miraculous events.  You can read some here, here, and here.  

This past weekend was a weekend of celebrating miracles—first with Passover and remembering God’s sovereign protection of His children on Friday and then by rejoicing and remembering Christ’s resurrectionthe greatest miracle of all time—on Sunday.  

And as we remember the miracles that were, it’s amazing to be able to thank and praise God for what is and be reminded that our God is still very much alive and active in our world today and He remains the God of miracles.  

AhSovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
Jeremiah 32:17