How Do We Do It?

As many of you know, I LOVE going to movies!  So when the newest chick flick, I Don’t Know How She Does It, hit theaters this weekend, I, along with four of my newest friends, made sure not to miss it!

The movie is about a woman named Kate who constantly finds herself battling life as a wife, mother, and successful career woman.  Just how many different balls can one woman juggle?   Check out the preview below:
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I found the movie to be sweet and predictable…just my style!  I will say, though, there were times I felt stressed and anxiousI don’t even have children yet, but could totally relate to Kate’s struggle to try to be everything to everybody, be in multiple places at once, keep track of the never ending “to-do list”, and try to give the appearance like her life is totally put together.  I feel like no matter what season we’re inworking mom, stay-at-home mom, student, career girlit’s so easy to feel those kinds of pressures.

So early this morning, I was lying in bed thinking about a few truths to ground me when I feel pressure, anxious, or like an utter failure…

When I feel like I can’t do any of it…I can DO ALL THINGS through Christ.

When I feel like I’m left to handle everything by myself…I have a God who will NEVER LEAVE ME or forsake me. 

When I feel like a complete and utter failure…I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE; I am loved with an everlasting love.

When I feel totally lost and confused…God has a PLAN and a PURPOSE.

When I feel like I can’t function one more day…God is my STRENGTH and PORTION.

And when I feel weak, depleted, and exhausted…God beckons, “COME TO ME and I will give you REST.”

On my own, I can absolutely do nothing….but with God…with God, we are strengthened, equipped, and utterly loved.  With God, we can do it! 


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