Hope In One.

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One of the greatest blessings about being pregnant is that my wonderful husband has truly gone above and beyond to take such good care of me.  I have been spoiled.  So you can imagine last week, after a long day at work, a late drive home, and a dinner of Coke, Doritos & Twizzlers, that when I walked in the door at 9:00 pm, I was ready to be taken good care of.

To my surprise, I walked into a dark house with a sick husband laying on the couch–coughing, fevering, and just all around out of it.

True confession: my immediate reaction was not to “have and hold him in sickness.”  Rather, it was more like, “great, who’s going to take care of me?!”  Yikes, I’m selfish!

B is rarely the sick one and when it’s me laying on the sofa, he dotes on me and makes sure I have everything I need.  He’s spoiled me so, and I just wasn’t sure how to/if I wanted to/if I had the energy to reverse the roles.

Eventually, I came around and realized that even though I was exhausted and my back was killing me, it was my turn to take care of B,  Not only was it my turn, but I was really his only option, so I had to man up.

Once again, that night taught me about where I’m placing my reliance and my foundation (something I continue to learn over and over in marriage).  When you have a partner, it’s easy to overly rely on them to take care of you when you’re beaten down and exhausted to the point where we forget our need and reliance on God.

That particular night, I relied on Coke, Doritos & Twizzlers to carry me back to Charlottesville and was eagerly awaiting to walk in the door to my doting husband who could hold me, rub my back, and quickly tuck his preggo wife into bed.

When that didn’t happen, it was a rude awakening.  But I learned, once again, about where I’m placing my hope.  No matter what, the only thing in this world that will not fail me is the love, faithfulness, and forgiveness of our God.  He alone, is the only One worth hoping and relying on.  He alone, is the only One able to sustain and revive our hearts.  Don’t wait for your other supports to fail you–run to Him daily and put your hope in One!

“Hope that is pinned to God, rather than to people, has a buoyancy to it because it is grounded not in our own illusion of how our story should read, but in the character of God.”
Paula Rinehart

“Are you tired? Worn out…Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.”
Matthew 11:28 MSG