His Love Is Vast.

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Several years ago, I served on the prayer team for our church in DC.  I loved it–it was so neat to be able to stand in the back of the church and simply pray.  Most of the people I didn’t even know, but when it comes to prayer, how well you know someone is irrelevant–God knows them.

One day, a young girl came up and asked for prayer over a broken relationship.  She had been engaged and was “living the dream” only to shockingly learn that her fiance had changed his mind and she would never make it down the aisle in her beautiful dress to marry him.  

After we prayed together, the strangest thing happened: I would wake up in the middle of the night with her face on my mind and be encouraged to pray for her.  Now, I’m not exactly a night person, so the fact that I would be awoken from my slumber and feel called to pray for someone was a big deal–I made sure to pay attention.

As this continued, I was blown away by how much God loved His child–so much so that He was waking up me, someone who had only met her once, and whisper to my heart, “pray for my child.”

I often wanted to tell her, but since we didn’t know each other well, I didn’t want to freak her out by saying, “I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about you…”  Finally, several months later, I worked up the courage to tell her that since that day we prayed together, at the prompting of God, I had not stopped and that God loved and cared about her so much that He was not only sustaining her hurting heart, but He was also calling others, at all hours of the day, to support her in prayer.  We both had tears in our eyes as I told her, “that is how much God loves you.”

Fast forward a few years to this past Saturday, when I received an email from a friend that says, “He keeps bringing you to my mind.”  This friend is busy–she has her own kids, family, and life, but for whatever reason, God was bringing me to her mind and she was responding through prayer.

I had tears in my eyes as I read her email, because this time it was my turn to feel God’s vast love through another person.  What she didn’t know was that my weary heart was in need of prayer.  Life, stress, exhaustion, fear of the unknown, and anxiety about the future had been weighing me down, particularly this past week.

When I opened her email on Saturday it was as if God was reassuring me that I was not alone.  I was so quickly reminded of God’s vast love for me.  He loves my prayer friend in DC so much that He prompted others to pray and I am no exception–He loves me so much that He’s not worried about burdening others to say, “pray for my child,”

Friends, God’s love for us is incredible.  We can’t even begin to comprehend how much He loves us.  So much so that at times when we need it and can’t go on, he taps the hearts of His followers to say, “pray for my child.”  How cool is that?!

Keep your eyes open to see who God is calling you to pray for.  And if there’s a non-awkward way to let them know, tell them.  Most of the time, there’s something going on that you might not even know about.  I promise, giving them a heads up that God is calling in the prayer warriors on their behalf is an indescribable gift.

Oh, how He loves us!

 I will refresh the weary