He Waits

On this rainy Friday morning, I thought we could all use a good love story.  It might not be as fabulous as one of Josie’s stories such as the classic “The Princess and the Bear”, but I’ll do my best.

Seven years ago, my friend Ansley and I packed our bags and headed to Virginia Beach for our second year fall break.  There we met up with some guy friends from the University of Richmond.  One in particular was a tall, dark, and handsome man by the name of Will Craine.  Will meets Ansley.  Ansley meets Will.  Suddenly, Jeffery Osbourne comes out and starts singing “On The Wings of Love.”

I’d say from the minute Will and Ansley met, the connection was undeniable.  On night two they we reciting Spanish poetry to one another…who does that??  Will and Ansley, that’s who!  They were two peas in a pod that just happened to be 6’5 and 5’1 respectively.

They continued for about a year writing letters, talking on the phone, driving countless hours between Richmond and Charlottesville, listening to Pat Green, frolicking around Thomas Jefferson’s rotunda, playing tennis in funny costumes…let’s just say they were perfect together.    

Sadly, as most love stories do, their story took a temporary pause…

Then, one year ago, Ansley was sitting in church praying about a guy she was starting to see and wondering why it just wasn’t working.  At that moment, she had her “Clueless” moment (similar to when our heroine Cher realizes she’s in love with Josh and the fountains erupt and montage ensues).  “He’s not Will…” she thought to herself.  

After taking a few weeks to pray and consult some key advisors, it was time to make the call.  (Keep in mind they hadn’t seen each other in about four years.)  The phone rings, straight to voicemail…  “Hey Will, this is Ansley, I just had a quick question for you, so give me a call when you get this.”

When Will called back, Ansley asked if he would be willing to get to know her again.  His response?  “Yes!!”

They agreed to “take it slow” but I’m pretty sure the minute they saw each other again it was a done deal.   By August they were engaged and last weekend we got to celebrate as they became Mr. and Mrs. Williams Stallworth Craine!


One thing I love about any wedding is the way that it reveals a glimpse of God’s love for us.  Obviously Will isn’t God (although I’m sure Ansley thinks he’s pretty close) but there are two things that the story of Ansley and Will reinforced to me this weekend about God’s love for us.

1.  God adores you. 

Just watching the way Will teared up thinking about Ansley, took care of anything she needed, and adored her was beautiful.  It’s such a gift to see one of your best friends be loved so well.

As women, we’re wired with the need to be loved.  Seeing how Will delighted in his bride made me think that his love for Ansley is only a fraction of the love God has for each one of us.  The need we all have to be fully loved and fully adored can be met beyond anything we could dream of through God’s perfect, unfailing love.

“As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.”
Isaiah 62:5
“You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart…”
Song of Songs 4:9

2.  God waits.

At the rehearsal dinner last week one of Will’s roommates talked about how after college when Will would come home from a date he would tell him about the date and how nice the girl was.  Yet, no matter how hard he tried there was always something missing and he eventually always came back to say, “She’s not Ansley…”  I obviously can’t speak for Will, but I think on some level from day one, he always loved Ansley.  He waited patiently for her, until finally she made the call.

No matter where we go, or how long we wander, our God waits for us.  He longs for us.  He is always ready to embrace us the minute we make the call. 

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”
Revelation 3:20